:: 1. Shree Balkrishnalalji (I Tilakayat of Trutiya Peeth) ::

Shree Balkrishnalalji (V.S 1606-1645 )


Appeared on V.S 1606 Ashwin Krishna Paksha 13, Wednesday. After his father Shree Vitthalnathji's and his elder brother shree Gopinathji's entrance into the divine abode (nitya leela), he became the first tilakayat of Trutiya (Third) peeth of pushtimarg. He was the third son of shree Gusaiji (Shree Vitthalnathji).
His marriage ceremony took place in V.S 1626 with Shree kamalabahuji. They had following children:


Birth Year (V.S.)

Shree Gopdeva betiji


Shree Dwarkeshji


Shree Vrajnathji


Shree Vrajbhushanji


Shree Pitambarji


Shree Vrajalankarji


Shree Purushottamji


From the 6 brothers, Shree Balkrishnalalji was third. His swaroop was dark and beautiful. His eyes were very large and beautiful, due to which he was often known as Rajeev Lochan i.e. the one who has lotus like (beautiful) eyes. As such, there was good relation with other brothers, but shree balkrishnalalji had a great bondage to 6th brother i.e. Shree Yadunathji Maharaj. Due to this, they always use to perform the seva together.


Childhood and Education:

In V.S. 1614, at the age of 8 years, his sacred thread ceremony took place at Adel near Prayaag. After this ceremony, he began to acquire the knowledge of scriptures i.e. Ved, Vedangs, Puranas and others granthas from his father Shree Gusaiji. Within very short time span, he mastered all scriptures. Apart from acquiring the primary knowledge of scriptures, he also studied the granthas authored by Shree Vallabhacharyaji like Anubhasya, Subodhini, Nibandhas and other granthas of pushtimarg. He use to regularly preach vaishnavas, the principles of pushti Sampraday.He also use to indulge in the spiritual discussions with the learned pandits. He became the able-Tilakayat of Shuddha-advaita Smapraday Tutiya Peeth.


Marriage and his sons:

In V.S. 1623, the marriage ceremony of Shri Balkrishnalalji took palce. His wife was Shreemati Kamalavati Bahuji. The family of Shree Balkrishnalalji is enlisted in the above table.

Seva of Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu:

After giving Yagyopavit Samskara and Brahmsambandh Diskha to Shri Balkrishnalalji, Shree Gusaiji taught him the seva shrungar of Shreenathji and other swaroopas. Shree Balkrishnalalji use to daily offer seva to Dwakadhish Prabhu in Adel. During this period, he developed a strong bondage and love towards Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu. Gradually, he became to experiance the lilas (Divine plays) of Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu also. Due to which, he developed the ultimate love i.e. selfless unlimited love towards Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu.

Appearance of Shree Swaminiji (Shree Yamunaji): One day, in his dream at night, Shree Balkrishnalalji did the darshan of Shree Swaminiji (Shree Yamunaji).He suddenly woke up from his sleep, and strongly determined to get the swaroop of Shree Swaminiji and to place the swaroop beside Shree Dwarkadhishji. At that time, he created a very beautiful stotra narrating the swaroop of Shree Swaminiji that he saw in his dream. The stotra is 'Swapna Drushta Swamini Stotra'. In the morning, he told everything to Shree Gusaiji and began to crave for the swaroopa of Shree Swaminiji. Seeing the strong determination and great curiosity of Shree Balkrishnalalji, SHree Gusaiji became happy and gave him the blessing that if your love towards shree prabhu is true and your determination is strong then your manoratha will become true soon. To accomplished any task, one needs complete devotion and love towards that task. After Shree Gusaiji's blessings, Shree Balkrishnalalji use to every time remain in Virah of Shree Swaminiji (i.e. use to long for Shree Swaminiji). The Viraha of Shre Balkrishnalalji became so high that he even decided to quit taking water and food. Seeing the strong determination of Shree Balrkishnalalji, Shree Gusaiji called him and gave a pair of golden Bangles and told him that your manoratha would be fulfilled in the place which is very historical and is on the banks of Shree Yamunaji. Further, he told that whichever swaroopa of Shree Swaminiji, these bangles fits in,would be the swaminiji of Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu.

Listening to this encouraging statements of Shree Gusaiji, Shree Balkrishnalalji use to search for the swaroopa of Shree swaminiji daily after the Rajbhog seva of Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu in the Anosar time.

In V.S. 1638 Magh Krushna Paksha 4 Sunday, Shree Balkrishanlalji went to Shree Gunjavan, and there he took his snan (bath) and began to recite Shreemad Bhagwat Mahapurana.When he stood up in the banks of Shree Yamunaji to recite the stotra of Shree Yamunaji, he suddenly began to experiance a divine power and effulgence in his heart. After some time, he saw a very attractive swaroop of Shree Yamunaji on the banks. Shree Balkrishanlalji went besides that swaroop and did the Sakstang Dandwat Pranaam and began to recite the stotra of praise and he made to wear the pair of golden bangles to that swaroop. He became very happy seeing the swaroop. He placed the swaroop of Shree Swaminij in the beautiful palanquin (Palaki) and he reached Gokul, before evening. Hearing the news of Shree Balkrishnalalji, entire village of Shreemad Gokul became happy and created a joyful atmosphere. Shree Vitthalnath Gusaiji accompanied with his other sons, came before and welcomed Shree Swaminiji and exchanged the badhai with each other for getting the swaroop of Shree Swmainiji. Shree Gusaiji then, placed the swaroopa of Shree Swaminiji besides Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu in the Khandpaat. Shree Gusaiji taught shree Balkrishnalalji, the seva pranalika of Shree Swaminiji. From this day onwards, every year on Magh Krishna 4 is celebrated as the "PATOTSAV OF SHREE SWAMINIJI ".

After some days, the new mandir of Shree Dwarkadhish in Shreemad Gokul, became ready. With that, Shree Balkrishnalalji and Shree Gusaiji started the seva of Shree Dwarkadhishji in the new mandir in Gokul.


Seva Bhavna:
Shree Balkrishnalalji use to everytime remain in the seva of Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu. It is said that Shree Balrkishnalalji use to get so much engrossed in the seva that he use to get the divine sentimental love for shree Prabhu. One day, when nandmahotsav was celebrated in the mandir, according to the principles of the sect, due to his small age, Shree Balrkishanlalji took the swaroop of Shree Yashodaji (Mother of Shree krishna) and began to wave the cradle of Shree Navnitpriyaji. There was the atmosphere of joy and happiness in the mandir. People were dancing and singing. Kirtans of palana was also being sung at that time. During this, suddenly, Shree balkrishanlalji began to acquire the sentiments of Shree Yashodaji and the divine milk began to sprout from his chest. He took Shree Navnitpriyaji from the cradle and placed Shree navnitpriyaji on his chest. Seeing this, Shree Gusaiji became very happy and blessed entire Gruh (i.e. Third seat of Pushtimarg) that "MAY THIS KIND OF NANDMAHOTSAV BE CELEBRATED EVERY TIME IN THIS GRUH".
Tilakayat of Third Seat of Pushtimarg:

In V.S. 1635, Shree Gusaiji did the distribution of his divine property amongst his sons. In this distribution, Shree Balklrishnalalji demanded the swaroopa of Shree Dwarkadhishji from Shree Gusaiji. From V.S. 1635 , Shree Dwarkadhish prabhu became the Nidhi swaroop of Third Peeth of Pushtimarg and Shree Balkrishnalalji became the Adhya (First) Peethadhishwar of this seat.


Literary works:

Shree Balkrishnalalji was very talented and was great litterateur. His works includes the following:

    1. Swapna Drusht Swamini Stotra
    2. Gupt Swamini Stotra
    3. Bhakti Vardhini Stotra Vivruti
    4. Prasad Vagish bhasya Vivran
    5. Sarvottam Stotra Vivruti
Nitya Leela Pravesh:

He entered into the divine abode (Nitya leela) in V.S. 1645 (the date of Nitya Leela needs some research. It is believed that Shree Balkrishnalalji entered into nitya leela in V.S. 1645, but according to certain granthas which were daily recited by Shree Balkrishnalalji like Nibandh Prakaran of Shree Bhagwat, we get the signature of Shree Balkrishanalalji with time. The Time which is written is V.S. 1649. Thus, it can be deduced that Shree Balkrishnalalji must have entered into the Nitya Leela in V.S. 1650)

It is also believed that Shree Balkrishnalalji disappeared in the Pithika of Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu.


Reference: Kankroli Ka Itihaas by Kanthmani Shastri, Shree Vidhya Vibhag, Kankroli