:: Appearance of Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu (kankroli) ::

As time passed on, king Ambarish achieved moksha. After him, his descendents continued to perform the seva of the lord. After this, sage vasistha for the seva of lord shree dwarkadhisha and began to perform the seva at his hermitage.

Incidently, after a long time, the king of Raghuvansh king dasaratha came to the hermitage of sage vasisitha. During the discussion of Bhakti, sage vasisitha told him about lord shree dwarkadhish and king ambarish. Due to the order of shree dwarkadhish, king dasaratha took the swaroop of the lord with him at his palace. King dasaratha and queen kaushalya began to perform seva of the lord happily. They had the desire to have a child. Lord ordered them to perform the Kamesthi Yagya. As a reward of this, lord himself took the incarnation as shree Rama and as a son of king dasarath. After Shree Rama, his descendents Lov and kush ruled Ayodhya. After that, again sage vasistha got the seva of shree dwarkadhish. Once, sage bharadwaj expressed his desire to serve lord shree dwarkadhish. Due to this, sage bharadwaj took the swaroop with him. As the time passed, sage krishnadwaipayana vyas, came at the place of sage kashyap.  Sage vyas revealed that lord is desirous to take birth in Vraj. After that. Sage Vyas took the swaroop of the lord and started performing the seva according the vaishnav sampraday (sect)/

After a long period, on shravan sub 3 (shri Thkurani teej) Sunday night, after making the lord asleep, sage vyas sat on meditation and during the meditation, he experienced that shree yamunaji's water have surrounded him. Due to this, his meditation was broken and quickly rushed towards the nij mandir (where shree prabhu was lying asleep). He was so much worried about the lord that he opened the doors of Nij mandir and surprisingly found that shree prabhu was residing happily with shree yamunaji and both as Yugal (couple) swaroop gave him the darshan. Sage Vyas begged pardon for interrupting them. But shree prabhu replied that this whole incident was a part of the divine sport which was meant for you.

Shree Dwarkadhish prabhu once ordered sage vyas that he has taken birth at king sursen's kingdom Mathura in the family of Shree vasudev and devki and at shrimad gokul in the family of Shree Nandbaba and Yashoda. Further he ordered sage vyas that he would perform various divine sports (leela) at vraj and dwarka to attract his intimate beings (jeevas). At that time king Yudhisthira and other pandavas would become my devotee and I would help them.

According to the orders of the lord, krishnaavtaar took place and sage vyas gave the image of the lord to pandavas. During the stay of pandavas at forest, yudhisthira and other pandavas happily performed the seva of the lord. According to the tradition, shree Dwarkadhish seva came on to the king parikshit (descendent of pandavas). King parikshit did the seva of the lord for many years. After him, his son king janmejay, due to his unreligious attitude, gave the swaroop of shree prabhu to one tailor. During the period of king parikshit, the seva of shree prabhu was performed by Sour Sharma, who was a Brahmin. This Brahmin was residing on Arbudachal Abu. There many sages were doing penance. These sages had a great attraction and faith towards the swaroop. Due to this after Sour Sharma, these sages performed the seva of the lord.

During this period, the disciple of Vishnuswami sect, named Narayan darji, was residing at kannauj. In dream, shree dwarkadhish prabhu ordered him  to get his swaroop from the sages at Mt. Abu. Narayan did the same thing and started doing seva of the lord.

During this period, Shri Damodardas Sambharwala was the minister of Chandravansh king of karoli. He was also residing at kannauj. During his journey from hastinapur to kannauj, he found one manuscript. The writing in this manuscript was unintelligible. But this was made intelligible by shree mahaprabhuji and shree mahaprabhuji also explained the meaning of the writing. Due to this legend, damodardas came to the refuge of shree mahaprabhuji and got initiated in pushti smapraday. He was awarded the swaroop of Shree dwarkadhish prabhu  from narayan darji and he started the seva of shree prabhu. He started the Royal seva of Shree Dwarkadhish prabhu with the aagya of Shree Mahaprabhuji. Thus, Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu is the first nidhi swaroop in pushtimarg, whose royal seva was started.