:: Appearance of Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu (kankroli) ::

Trutiya Peeth Nidhi -Shree Dwarkadhish Prabhu

The description of shree dwarkadhish prabhu is found in Second skandh of Shreemad Bhagwat mahapuran. This swaroop self appeared from the Bindu sarovar of siddhpur. Sage Kardam, Sage Vashistha, King Ambarish, King Dasharatha and dharmaraj shree yudhishthira did the seva of this swaroop.

During the initial stage of the formation of the universe, shree brahmaji (the Rajoguni dev) became curious to find the origin of him. He heard the word “TAP” from the ocean and thus he got the order to do severe penance by the same swaroop of shree dwarkadhish. Brahmaji did severe penance for one thousand celestial years and as the outcome of it he got the glance of shree dwarkadhish prabhu, who is the Brahm (controller of entire universe).

The swaroop, which appeared before shree brahmaji was dark four armed. His was adorned with kirit (in the head), kundal and pitambar. Shree brahmaji paid obeisance to this swaroop. This swaroop is of shree dwarkadhish at kankroli. Thus, first seva of this swaroop was done by shree brahmaji. Afterwards, shree brahmaji ordered his son sage kardam to expand the universe. Sage kardam did severe penance at the banks of river saraswati for ten thousand years. After then he did manasi seva and seva of swaroop of shree dwarkadhishji.

Gracing sage kardam, shree dwarkadhish prabhu appeared before him. This swaroop was dark four-armed holding conch, discus, mace and lotus in each hand. He was wearing kirit (at head), kundal (at ears) and adorned with garland of white lotus. This swaroop was wearing “Mallakacch” at the hip.

After the appearance of this swaroop, sage kardam married with the daughter of swayambhuv manu. As a result of it, both had a son named shree kapildevji, who is the incarnation of shree dwarkadhishji.
This swaroop of shree prabhu was residing at the house of sage kardam. This image disappeared in bindu sarovar after the moksha (liberation) of sage kardam and devhuti.
One of the disciples of shree kapildevji, was shree vishnusharma. His father was Dev Sharma. Both of them were ordered by shree dwarkadhisji in their dream to take him out of bindu sarovar and resume his seva (service). Both did in the same way and began to perform the seva of shree prabhu.
At the end, in this lineage, one old women, named parvati did the seva of shree prabhu. Meanwhile, the king Ambarish, did severe penance for ten thousand years. As a reward of it, lord shree dwrkadhisji gave him  glance of him. Lord shree dwarkadhishji asked him to seek a boon for himself. In response to this, King Ambarish asked for his seva. Shree Dwarkadhish revealed him about the presence of his swaroop at the house of parvati. Further, he ordered the king to get the same swaroop from parvati and start the seva. King Ambarish built a new palatial mansion in his capital Mt. Abu. After taking the consent from Sage Vasisitha, he performed the installation ceremony of Lord Shree Dwarkakdhish on chaitra sud 1 in Abhujeet Muhurt.  With this, the tradition of idol worship started on the earth.
Due to the incapability of parvati to do seva, she requested king ambarish to completely handle the seva of the lord. To this lord ordered king ambarish not to worry about the protection and management of the kingdom and ordered shree sudarshan chakraraj to invigilate the management of the kingdom and protect the kingdom.