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Vidhya Vibhaag at Trutiya Gruh - Kankroli:

If we peep into the past, before the independence of india, we tend to discover the rich heritage of indian culture. Today, due to westernization, this rich cultural heritage of india seems to disappeare day by day. One such important aspect of indian culture is our precious Religious Literature known as 'Gyaan' in form of rare and very old granthas that enrich our Vedic Literature. One such centre of collection of such rare, old and Vedic Literature is the 'Vidhya Vibhaag' at Shree Dwarkadhish Mandir, Kankroli. There is a very interesting history behind the migration of centre of Tritiya Gruh - Pushtimarg from Vraj to Asotiya and finally to Kankroli.

The Maharajas of Mevad had been the disciples of Goswami Acharyas of Trutiya Gruh -Kankroli since long. Due to which, the Maharajas of Mevad gave great respect towards these Acharyas and also provided them with every facility available. Kankroli and Asotiya Villages were gifted by these Maharajas to Goswami Acharyas of Trutiya Gruh - Kankroli. Thus Kankroli, at that time was fully administered by these Goswami Acharyas.

Kankroli Goswami Acharyas were already the great scholars as they belong to the most respected lineage of JagadGuru Shreemad Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharyaji. These Acharyas were learned and great scholars in Vedic Literature , other shashtras and ofcourse in Pushtimarg. These Acharyas authored many important and useful granthas for Pushtimarg. One of such Acharyas in this lineage was PPG 108 Shree Vrajbhushanlalji Maharajshri (V.S. 1868) who became the Gruhadhish of Trutiya Gruh - Kankroli. Shree Vrajbhushanlalji Maharajshri was a great scholar, and kind hearted Acharya. During his time, the progress of culture, art and literature reached its apex. Apshri made tremendous effort to collect and archive the old and rare granthas of pushtimarg as well as other important sanatan dharm literature. Some of the granthas from this collection was also re-published through 'Vidhya Vibhag' - Kankroli by Shree Vrajbhushanlalji.

'Vidhya Vibhaag' - is not only now the centre of collection of literature and the centre of Academic activities but also thje centre of Arts like painting, poetry etc. 'Vidhya Vibhag', which was developed gradually by various Goswami Acharyas of Kankroli is today not much active. The centre was most active during the period between A.D. 1930-1940, when Tritiya Gruhadhish was Shree Vrajbhushanlalji Maharajshri and the Prof. Kanthmani Shastry was the administrator of Vidhya Vibhaag. Various other institutions were started under the Vidhya Vibhaag. The Institutions are listed as below:

1. Shree Dwarkesh Sanskrit Paathshala: The Branches of this were established at Mathura, Halol, Visnagar, Sankheda, Waghodia, Burhanpur and ofcourse Kankroli.

2. Pushtakalay (Library): Branches includes Shree Balkrishna Pushtimargiya Pushtakalaya, Dhandhuka, Bhadarva, Burhanpur, Dabhoi, Mehsana, Anand and Kankroli.

3. Swayam Sevak Mandal Vibhag: established at all over India.

The Administration of all these institutions was done under 'Vidhya Vibhaag' under the guidance of PPG 108 Shree Vrajbhushanlalji Maharajshri.

Apart from the above institutions, the institutions like 'Dwarkesh Kavi Mandal', 'Dwarkesh Chitrashala', 'Dwarkesh Vyaayaam shala', 'Dwarkesh Vidvad shala', 'Dwarkesh Shuddha-advaita Brahmcharyashram', 'Dwarkesh Vishwa Vastu Sangrahalaya', 'Dwarkesh Ratri Paathshala', Granth anveshan vibhag' etc were also esblished and running.

Library at Kankroli:

According to the Radio Broadcasting on 25-09-1996, about the library at Vidhya Vibhag - Kankroli, about 50 thousand books are present and maintained in the library at Kankroli.

Library also contains many rare and historical collection of manuscripts. Amongst these manuscripts, the handwritten Tadpatras of many granthas of Shree Mahaprabhuji, Shree Gusaiji and other acharyas of Pushtimarg are included. The manuscripts of Sursaagar - collection of kirtanas by Surdasji (Ashtachaap) is also present. Amongst these manuscripts, some of them are not even published. Even the manuscripts of 252 and 84 vaishnava Vaarta are also included.

One of the sections of Vidhya Vibhag i.e. Dwarkesh Vaanchalaya, is till now maintained securely. In Dwarkesh Chitramala, various rare and old hand paintings are maintained. Mughal, Irani, Kangara, Rajasthani Style Paintings are included. The Pictures of Surdas, Tulsidas and the most important, the picture of Shreemad Vallabhacharyaji is also present here. Here, collection of National as well as International postal stamps is also present. Some of the publications from 'Vidhya Vibhag' kankroli is as below:

Online E-Books Books already published by Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag:

Sr. No. Book Name (pushtak name) Publication Year of Pub. Author Language
2. Sarvottam Stotra Sachitra - Vyakhya Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag   Ni. Li. Pujya Goswami 108 Shree Vrajbhushanlalji Maharajshri Hindi
V.S. 2020
Prof. Kanthmani Shastry
4. Prachin Vaarta Rahasya - Part 1 Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag V.S. 1996 Parikh Dwarkadas Hindi/Gujarati
5. Prachin Vaarta Rahasya - Part 2 Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag V.S. 1996 Parikh Dwarkadas Hindi/Gujarati
6. Prachin Vaarta Rahasya - Part 3 Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag V.S. 1996 Parikh Dwarkadas Hindi/Gujarati
7. Kirtan Pranalika Of Shree Dwarkadhishji - Kankroli (divided into 4 parts) Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag      
8. Kankroli Itihaas (Kankroli History) Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
9. Shri Giridharlalji's 120 Vachanamrut - Part 1       Braj Bhasha
10. Shri Giridharlalji's 120 Vachanamrut- Part 2       Braj Bhasha
11. Shri Giridharlalji's 120 Vachanamrut- Part 3       Braj Bhasha
12. Shri Giridharlalji's 120 Vachanamrut- Part 4       Braj Bhasha
13. Kumbhandas Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
15. Chaturbhujdas - Part 1 Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
16. Chaturbhujdas - Part 2 Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
17. Chaturbhujdas - Part 3 Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
18. Chaturbhujdas - Part 4 Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
19. Vallabh VansVruksh Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
17. Telang Vansh Vruksh Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
18. Vratotsav - Tippani Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag      
20. 252 Vaishnavas Vaarta - all three parts Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
21. 84 Vaishnavas Vaarta Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
22. Khat Rutu Vaarta Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
23. Vaarta Sahitya Mimasa Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Gujarati
24. BHav Bhavna Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
25. Vraj Parikrama Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
26. Kritan Panali By Shree Brajbhushanlalji Maharajshri Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi/Vraj Bhasa
27. Bhatt Padavali Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi/Vraj Bhasa
28. Govardhanleela (Surdas) Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
29. Shreemad Bhagwat Aur SurSagar Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
30. Shree Dwarkeshashtakam Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi/Guj
31. Burhanpur Shastrath Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
32. Sanatan Dharm Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
33. Sampraday Pradeep Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
34. Rasik Rasaal Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi
35. Braj Parikrama Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag     Hindi



Kankroli Vidhya Vibhag - Goswami Abhinandan Granth by Rachana Telang

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