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Giridhargadh - Kankroli Palace (Rajasamand)

Kankroli Darshan

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Kankroli The city of Lord Shree Dwarkadhish is the famous pilgrimage of Mevad Rajasthan. Mevaad or Medpaat is situated at south rajasthan from 23o49 to 26o 01 North latitude and from 73o 1 to 75o 49 East longitude. The area of this region is 12691 mile2. Since the capital of this region was Udaipur, it was also known as Udaipur. Mevad constituted many districts like Udaipur, Chittaurgarh, Bhilwara and Rajasamand. After the independence of India, during the mergers of all kingdoms and centralization, Mevad became the integral part of rajasthan state.

Kankroli is the well-known city of Udaipur, which comes under the Rajasamand district. This city is about 350 k.m. away from jaipur capital of rajasthan and 67 k.m. far from udaipur former capital of Mevaad.

Rajasamand District
In the former state of Mevaad, rajasamand was one of the districts. But after the formation of rajasthan state, its status as a district was revoked. But due to demands of the citizens, it was again assigned the status of district by state government, which came into effect on 10 April 1991 A.D.

Geographical Status
Rajasamand district is situated at the south of rajasthan. This district is situated in the middle of the area from 24o46 to 26o1 North latitude and from 73o28 to 74o18 east longitude. To the East of it, is situated Bhilwara and chittaurgarh, to the west is pali district, to the north is Ajmer and to south of it is Udaipur district.

Natural Enivronment
The nathdwara and Kumbhalgarh talukas of this district are mountain-bearing regions. The other regions like Railmagara and Aamet talukas are plain regions and devgarh and Bhim talukas are both mountain-bearing and plain regions. These regions are also drought-affected regions. To the west and north of this district lies the aravali mountain range. Banas, Khari, Chandrabhaga, Gomati, Kothari etc are the main rivers of this district. In this district, there are many small and large ponds. In these, Rajasamand (Raisagar) is the main artificial lake.

Administrative Environment
With the administration point of view, the rajasamand district is divided into following seven talukas:

  • Rajasamand
  • Railmagara
  • Aamet
  • Devgarh
  • Bhim
  • Kumbhalgarh
  • Nathdwara

The main tourist spots as well as pilgrimage places of this district are

1. Shreenathji   - Nathdwara
2. Shree Dwarkadhishji - Kankroli
3. Shree Charbhujaji                 - Gadhbor
4. Shree Roopnarayanji            - Sevantri
5. Shree Parashuram mahadev - On the hill of parashuram
6. Shee Kunteshwar mahadev  - Farara
7. Shree Kabari Mahadev         - Kabari Galaba
8. Shree Matru-kundiya            - Kundiya (Gilund)
9. Shree Anjana mata               - Aanjana (madariya)
10. Aamaj Mata                       - Rincched
11. Karani mata