:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::


"Pratham Milan" (First Meeting) of Shree Shreenathji and Shree Vallabhacharyaji at Shree Gririrajji

When he finished his first Bharat Yatra he went to his native place "Kakaravada." He stayed with his relatives for some time. There he had settled all his family affairs in connection with the elders and kept for himself only three objects; one "Saligramji" (a holy natural black object which is treated as reptresentative of divine being); Sri Mukundaraiji - the icon of the deity of that name, and Sri Madan Mohanji - their family deity. He had also asked for a copy of family Bhagavata. He never made any claim to any property or family money. From here he visited his uncle's place at Vijaynagara. Taking his mother from there he went to Kasi once again. His mother expressed a desire of living in secluded place peacefully. So he took her to Prayag and constructed a small cottage on the other side of the bank in a vilage called 'Adel'. This had remained their permanent residence for a long long time. Here he had continued dictating his comments on Bhagavata. This the work on "Subodhini" progressed for some time.


After resting for two years he started again on his new "Bharata Yatra", fo a second time. It was S.Y. : 1544 : At this time he had four or five desciples with him. During his travels he stopped at a place called Jharkhand. Which comes in Bihar. Here the divine being appeared once again and commanded : "I have emerged from the Mountain Girirajji in Vraj. This happened on the same day you were born in Champaranya and at the same time. I manifested here. My name is Sri Govardhannath. But all the people arround ther call me 'Deva Daman.; You come to Vraj. Take me out of the mountain. Build a Mandir form me and install my "Swarupa" there and start my worship-Seva. Sri Vallabha was intending to move to Jagannath Puri. He had to give up his intention unfulfilled. He went to Vraj. It was the 2nd day of bright half of the month Vaisakha where he reached the base of Girirajji. It was a small village called "Anyor" and it was already evening .


First Mandir of Shree Shreenathji and Shree Vallabhacharyaji handing over the seva to Ramdas Chauhan- The First Mukhiyaji of Shreenathji

He camped on the platform of tree near the house of one "Sadu Pandey."

          He learnt the details of the emergence of the idol they called "Deva Damana." The next day falls on "Akha Tij" (It is a very auspicious day umder Hindu claender.) Before he climbed the mountain he made a prayer to GirirajJi and requested to allow him to step on the holy mountain. He then climbed the mountain with the assistance of gathered Vraj Vasies he had on surrected the idol from its place on the mountain. They have built a temporary construction on the mountain with bricks and clay. When the Mandir was completed he installed the icon in the new Mandir. The idol was bathed in the waters of "Manasi Ganga." He clothed the idol with a white dhoti, put an uparna round its shoulders and wound a .... round its head. He prepared the necessary food with his own hands and offered it to him. At that time one recluse devotee called "Ramadasa" was staying in a nearby care. Sri Vallabha called him made his desciple and entrusted the work of Seva the work of Seva to him. In the nearby village called "Jamunavata", one poet called "Kumbhanadasa" was living. He too was called and entrusted the Seva of "Kritan" was entrusted to him n front of the deity. He also requested Sadu Pandey and other to see chat the Seva of "Sri Nathji" is properly conducted.


Shree Vallabhacharyaji doing seva of Shree Vitthalnathji at Pandharpur

          Now he once again turned towards Jharkhand to continue his interrupted Yatra. From here he went to Jagannath Puri. Then he proceeded his Yatra towards South India. Now he visited Pandharpur. There he had a "darsan" of the presiding deity Sri Vthoba. The latter had come toward to meet Sri Vallabha. He commanded : "You marry now." At the same time Sri Nathji also appeared. Sri Nathji told Sro Vallabha, "I want to come as a son in your family so you marry." Prior to that Sri Vallabha had no intention of entering into married life. But knowing now of the intention of divine being he changed his opinion.

Shree Vallabhacharyaji, Shree Ved Vyasji and Krishnadas Meghan doing darshan of Shree Badrinathji

Shree Vallabhacharyaji discussing on Shreemad Bhagwat with Ved Vyasji at Vyasahram

          From here he moved to Gujarat once again. From ther he proceeded North to Badrinarayana. From there he reached the herritage of "Vyas Muni." Returning he covered Kanauj. On the way he had reachd Haridwara also. Now he was in Prayag. Thus he returned to his house in Adel. In Prayaga all the four Vaishnava Acharyas had given him unforseen welcome to the young Acharya. This second Bharat Yatra was completed in a shor period of four years : i.e. 1501 A.D. i.e S.Y. 1558.


Marriage of Shree Vallabhacharyaji and Shree Mahalaxmiji

Sri Vallabha's father had one desciple. He was the 'diwan' of Chauda Nagar and his name was Krishnadasa. He had one sone. His name was Purushottamadasa. He became the "Nagar Seth" of Kasi as a latter stage. (A Nagar Seth is an unfluentoal businessman magnate of a city.) He is now the discple of Sri Vallabha whenever Sri Vallabha used to visit Kasi he used to stay with this Nagar Seth. After the second Yatra Sri Vallabha returned to Kasi one Devan Bhat and his wife Atrimbha - both of the same caste as Sri Vallabha - had specially come to meet Sri Vallabha. They had told him : "We have received the command of the divine being. Hence we are here please marry our daughter Mahalakshmi." Sri Vallabha remembered the commands he too received when he was in Pandharpur hence he asked them to meet his mother and talk to her

His mother was called from Adel to Kasi. His uncle and brother were also brought to Kasi. When all gathred then the marriage was decided. In the year 1501 or S.Y. 1558 when he was of 32 years Sri Vallabha was married 5th day of the bright half of the month of Ashadha with great pomp in Kasi. He stayed in Kasi for over six months along with his family members. Thereafter taking the permission of his elders he had started on his third Bharat Yatra.