:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::

Education of Sri Vallabha

The prending deity of Kasi, Kasi Viswanath Mahadeva had come to have a "darsan" of Vallabha in the guise of saint. Vallabha was resting in the lap of his mother. Mahadevji offered him obeyances to him and asked : "Oh !         Bhagavan ! Why have you assumed this form ?" To this Vallabha said in Sanskrit to the surprise of all : "The divine being who the sovereign of all and soul of all does many things depending on his desire."

Instead of playing with toys like elephants, horses, tops and others like any other child, he was playing with the imager of Krishna and handling the books of his father. He was sleeping in the lap of his mother one day, when his mother developed agreas desire to go and wander in Vraj.

At this time Vallabha opened his mouth in an action of taking a yawn and the lady had a vision of the 84 places of Vraj in his mouth she was surprised to have such experience .

When he had grown a little he used to play with other childern of his age the game of learning. In this game he always played the role of a Guru and used to teach the other boys. His father used to receive the manlian of vendar and this child used to give different meaning of the vedic words. Many learned pundits used to visit his father's place to discuss on various sastias with his father. It on any such ocassion the pandit would be unable to find any answer to the knotty problems this young Vallabha is his chicdish manner use to explain the solution on a beautiful and form way. Guru lirtening to his explanations the pandits of Kasi began to call him "Bala Saraswati" (Child Saraswati) and "Vakpati" i.e. Master of speech, with great     respect.

Lakshman Bhat had a beautiful cow in the house. Its name was "Payoda" Vallabha was very fond of on, one day suddenly it became unconsious and fell sprangled on the floor. Vallabha as once went near it. He spread his hand gently on its body and said : "Yoda!get up !" The was got up at once to the surprise of all.

Ond "dhadhi" family was residing in thir neighbour of "dhadhi" is person who sings songs of praise of the qualities fo his master. A "dhadhi" os a low cast person Guru child of the age of Vallabh with name of Sagunadasa was in that family. Vallabh used to play with their boy daily. One day his father told him : "Son ! don't play with this boy. He belongs to a low caste. We are upper class Brahmins." Sri Vallbha replied : "Father ! you read Bhagavata every day. Ther is sloka which you recive from it. In it is said : all have the right to offer "Bhakts" to God - Brahmins. Sudras and woman anr considered to be nightful persons to receive the grace of God. God does not show any difference between persons. However, I will do as you ask me to do" when his father listered this he could not say further.

In the year 1483 (S.Y. 1540) when the child was five year old his "Yajnopavita Sanskara" was performed on the "Rama Navami" day in Kasi. His father had given him the "Gayatri" mantra and initated his son into "Gopala Mantra."  His father scarted to teach his son for three monts. Thereafter he was sent to different school to leam different subjects. In just over five years this proding son had learus all the four vedas, upnishads and all the six philosophies. He had acquried the knowledge of all puranas history and literature along with the complay other boy who were learning them. During this period he impressed one and all with his powers of speech. He had decided about the doctrone of "Brahma Veda" which he was continuing his shidier... Kasi. When all were having rest between their studies he used explain the princeples of his new doctrone. All his teacher were highly appreciative of his erudition and were happy wish him. He had acquired complete       knowledge of all sastras when he was just 10 years of age.