:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::

Childhood : Education

Lakshman Bhat had performed the "Samskara of Jata karma" (Ceremony being conducted at the time of birth as per vedic stipulations on the banks of river Mahandi in the same forest of "Champaranya." Then he proceeded to Chauda Nagar. From ther he had sent news of his where abouts to his relations at home. He had called his brother and other relations to come to  Chauda Nagar. In the presence of his relations he had performed the 'naming ceremony' of the nwe born child. He was named "Krishna Prasad" according to the name of the month he wass given the name of "Janardana", Beding on the names of the coustellation he was called "Sravita." But as Lakshman Bhat found the child very pleasing he gave him the name of vallabha which remained permanent. "Vallabha" means the darling child .

The colour of his body was like .... of a ladden cloud. He was bourn healling. His eye were wide and beautiful like a ..... . His forehead was broad and shone with brilliance. Nose was long and pointed. His face was round like full moon. Both his feet consisted the following sign viz., bolt, lotus, conch, wheel, mace, goad, flag, bow, java (a kind of cereal kike wheat), pot. All these signs mentioned here were considered very aspicious. There are divine signs which no ordinary child could bear. He has long arms, when he was standing his hans would reach down the knees hence he is called "Ajanabahu." Puranas it is mentioned that Rama of Tretayuga and Sri Krishna of Dwaparyuga was "Ajanabahu."

While they were at Chauda Nagar Lakshman Bhat received the encouraging news of the reliease of ..... of Delhi Sultan grace agani peace had come over to Kasi. Hence Lakshman Bhat prefered to return to Kasi with all family members.