:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::

Manifestation of Mahaprabhuji

It was the year 1478 A.D. According to Hindu calender it was S.Y. 1535 : Month : Chaitra : day : 10th of te dark half of the month. It was pitch dark. She had been exposed to severe hardships, travelling by bullock cart. All arround the jungle was echoing from the blood - cordling noices from the pradctory animals. At such an odd moment Ellammaguru was seized with labour pains. She went alone ahead and reached the bank of the river. She made a clean place for herself under the Shammi tree. There she had a mis-carriage. It was the delivery of a child who was not fully developed she found the child life-ters. The newly born child could not move or made any noise. She decided that she had given delivery to a dead child. She was very much grieved about the incident. But she had to accept the decree of providence ..

She was wearing a South Indian a saree of 9 yards. She tore from one side of it. She wound the child unit. There was a burrow in the tree. She spread dry leaves there and placed the could in that burrow and covered in it with more leaves

Then she approached Bhatji she told him what had ........... whole going mournfully. Bhatji tried to console her. Ellamaguru was quite exhaused with the miscarrigae. But to stay in this terrible jungle was not advisible. It carried all potentiality of daugher. So all of them recunctanlly made a move ahea puting faith on God .

They reached a town in the latter part of the night. It was "Chauda Nagar.: Bhatji remembered his meeting the "diwan" of the place - Krishna dasa - when he passed through the sama place before. He took his family with him and went to Krishnadasa's house. When he saw his Guru, he and his family were pleasantly surprised by the blessings of his Guru he had a son. This boy become very fammous and was latter on known as the seth Purushottamadasa of Kasi. Diwanji had made arrangement for their stay in his house. All were and exhausted not only from thhe journey but also from the sad occurence. All went to sleep immediately once again the divine being in a dream to Bhataji said, "I have manifested already. Don't leave me alone and go away come back and take me." He woke his wife and told her the good news. Every one was happy with the good tiding once again a wave of enthusiasm in their vains .

After completing the abrutions all turned towards the jungle where they had left the child last night thinking it was still - born when they reached the place everyone was surprised to see a forty feet long and a very dpp "agnikund" (a hallow place where fire was created for the purpose of sacrifices & rilutales). In the midst of the fire they saw a supernatural and divine boy covered in a torn saree making inttrual noises and waring his hands and feet .

Ellammaguru turned to Bhatji and said, "Look ! He is my son. On seeing him milk begun to flow in my breast." Bhatji said,"If he is your son "Agni" (Fire) will give you away." She ran towards the fore to hold her son to her bossom .

The fire begun to give for the mother. Later Bhatji preformed the ceremony known as "Jata Karma" of his son. He then wound his son in the cloth he received through his deram. He put the "Basil garland" (Tulsi Mala) round his neck. He mixed the bettle leaves in "Janma ghunti" and mad the boy chew .

In saraswta kalpa. (a period gone long back) when Sri Krishna had manifested on this land people had seen ........... sign on his body. Similar sign were observed on their child tooo. According to this incident many hold the birth of Mahaprabhuji on Sunday, the eleventh day of dark half of the month of Chaitra on a day time on 1478 A.D. corresponding to S.Y. 1535 (There were again many pa.... who told that the birth day fales in the year 1529. They give the day of birth as Thursday.) (But all concede the birth of this areat acharya to s.y. 1535.) .