:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::

Parents of Mahaprubhuji

The birth of Sri Lakshmana Bhat had taken place on the six day of the Hindu month Ashadha of bright half in the year 1443 A.D. He had acquuried the knowledge of all satras in his childhood itself. He  was well known as one of the greatest scholars of his times. His Guru was Premakara Muni who belongs to "Vishnu Sampradaya." This Muni used to reside in Kerala in an area known as "Tanardana Kshelis." Lakshman Bhat had been initeated into "Gopala Mantra" by this Guru. The marriage of Lakshmana Bhat had taken place with one Ellamma Guru, the daughter of Susarma Deva, the "Raja Purohit of the Hindu Empire of Vijayanagar." He had a good knowledge of Sri Bhagavata. He had written several books also. .

At some time during his stay here the place was invaded by Muslim armies and the whole village was looked. The village was completely destroyed. As a requst he had to leave his birth place and go and setlle in an other place which was not very far off. Many used to call this place as "Kakarvada." Some called it "Ayrahara." As a general practice, many of the town and cities in south will have at least one timple at the centre of the city. The Brahmain in hatrtations used to be made arround such temples. This extension of Brahmin in habitation used to be calld "Agrahara."

When Sri Lakshman Bhatji had shifted to his new place, he had wish him one son, Rama Krishna and two daughters name Subhadra and Saraswati. When the hundred Soma Yajna was completed, Lakshman Bhatji had began to offer worship to divine being reciting the "Gopala Mantra" as had been constucted by his Guru Premakara Muni. When Bhatji completed the recitation of the Mantra the divine being had appeared before him in a dream and said, "I will now manifest in your house in the form of a son." Happy to hear the good news, both the husband and wife looked forward for the advent of his auspicious day.

At the occasion of completion of the 100th Soma Yajna known as "Purnahuti" he had taken a vow that he would bathe in Ganga at Kasi and in the "Triveni Sangam" at Prayaga and thereafter would feed one lakh and quarter Brahmins.

Hence he had taken his family with him and proceeded first towards Prayaga. He had to stay for three to four days on the way. There Bhataji had continuously read vedas for three days. When the "Parayana" (reading of religious works) was completed he once again had a vision of divine being who appeared in a dream and said, "I will be coming very soon in your house. When I will take birth cover me with this upper cloth (uparna). Put this basil garland round my neck. Give me these "Prasadi" (Sanetified) be like leaves in what is known as "Janma Gha..." (It is a sort of riltrial where new born child is allowed to raste some food shiff). Keep this "rosary" for my future use." When Bhataji woke up from sleep he found these four supernaturas articles by his side. He gave them to his wife fo keem them in her ....... . Now their enthusiasm increased many fold.

Now they had reached Prayaga. The news of the approach of this scholar had already reached the town. Hence the court of ficer (Diwan) of the kingdom of "Chanda" - a state in Madhya Pradesh - one Krishnadas, had come forward to receive Bhatji. He was very un happy as he had no isuue Bhataji blessed him that he would soon have a son. He become Bhatji's descriple.

In Prayaga Bhatji had sacred dip at "Triveni" and fed      innumerable Brahmins. There after he trurned towards Kasi with his family. At Hanuman's Ghat (a "ghat" is a place on the shores of sacred rivers where all aminities are provided) in Kasi where many of his caste people were having their residences. He also settled amongst his caste people. He had a dip in Ganga with his family and once again fed many brahmins. In this way his vow to feed one and quarter lakh people of Brahmins was fulfilled. He began to receive great honour amongst pandits. He too began to like Kasi.

In those day the city of Kasi was under the rule of one Muslim ruler who had his seat of power at Joanpur in Uttar Pradesh. His name was Sultan Hussain. At Delhi one Baholo Lodhi - a descendent of Lodi - was the ruler. At one time there was a conflict between the Delhi ruler and Sultan Hussin. So the former gathered his army and started  morning towards Kasi. Where the citizens came to know about the imminent unvasion they got panckes and began to flee from Kasi.

At that time Lakshman Bhatji's wife was pregnant. She was not in a fit condition to face arduous travels. But finding no other alternative he gathered his family and proceeded towards his birth place. Many of his caste people accompanied him on this journey. They made this journey in bullock-carts.

On their way they had to pass through the thick jungle of Madhya Pradesh known - as "Champaranya." The sun had already set in when they reached this forest. There was no possibility of proceeding further in the darkness of night. The people he had with him gathered courage and moved ahead. At that crucial juncture. Ellammaguru - who had complte month of pregnancy began to have labour like pains. Hence they had to stop in this forest they were on the .... coast of river "Mahandi." There was a "Sammi Tree" under which they had to camp for the nigth.