:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::

The Powerful anscestors of Sri Vallabhacharya

The country called Bharat had given birth to many divine in carnation. It is known as the "Lila Bhumi" (a place for divine sports) of divine being upto the time of 15th century already for great religious Acharyas had come and spread their fragrance all over the country. They are Sri Ramanuja, Sri Nimbarka and Sri Vallabha. All the four Acharya as hailed from South India.

Andhra Pradesh was situated on east coast of the Southern part of this country. It is adjacent to the Bay of Bengal. It was known as "Telangana" at one time. River Krishna passed through this part of the countr. In the such of this river there is a mountain range called "Vyoma Stmbha." In the base of this mountains was a district called "Akabidu." There was one village with the name "Kakarapada." Many called it "Kakumbhakara" also. While others recongnised this part as "Kakaravada.: Now we are not able to trace the existence of this place.

During the last part of the 15th century A.D., a learned Telugu Brahmin of name "Yajna Narayana Bhatt" used to live in this place. His 'Veda' was "Krishna Yajur Veda." His branch was called "Taittariy Sakha." His "Gotra" (Heritage of a rushi) was "Bhardwaja." He was a follower of "Vishnu Svami Sampradaya." He used to worship the deity known as "Gopala Krishna." He was an erudite scholar of vedas. People used to acclaim him as an incarnation of vedas. His main occuption in life was study of vedas, Teaching vedas and performing Yajnas and yajas. He had taken a vow to perform. Soma yajna ever year.

At one time he was offering "Holy cocoanut" at the end of an "Yajna" in the sanctified "Yajna Kunda" (am earthere cereals to the five god.) Suddenly the whole "Yajna Kunda" burst into a brilliant flame. In this flame of light yajna Narayan Bhat had seen the divine being standing before him. The divine being told him to ask for any bon. Bhat had asked him to grant unwreing devotion. He was placed with this and commanded. When your descendents will complete 100 Soma JYajnas in your family I could manifest in the form of a son.

It seem that Sri Yajna Narayana Bhat had performed 32 Yajnas during his life span. His son Gangadhara Bhat had perfomed 28 Soma Yajnas. His son Ganapati Bhat had performed 30 Soma Yajnas. His son Vallabha Bhat could perform only 5 Yajnas. Finally when his son Sri Lakshmana Bhat had completed five Soma Yajnas the promised 100 Yajna were completed thus. The whole family of Bhats ware scholars in their own lives. Each had written many "granthan" (book). Each is considered to be an incarnation of the celesltial whose name they used  to bear. The birth of Sri Mahaprabhuji had taken place is such great, sarrcto and scholarshic family of Barhmans.