:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::

The Living Conditions of our Country

During the times of Mahaprabhuji :

The period of Mahaprabhuji is : 15th Century A.D. of Christ and 16th Century under Vikram Samvat. In the 11th Century A.D. Mahammad Ghajni had invaded "Bharat". Ever since there were continuous attacks on our soil from Muslims of Afghanistan origin. By the end of 14th century all the kingdom of Delhi, Malva and Gujarat had come under the rule of Muslim invaders. In the year 1450 A.D. Delhi was under the seep of Lodi dynasty. The whole of Northern India, western territory and Eastern country was burdened under the yoke of Muslims. In the south the only mentionable Hindu kingdom was under the rule of Vijaynagar Maharajas. The whole of Rajasthan was ruled by small and big Hindu rulers.

The Muslim rulers were not satisfied in ruling the country. Their cheif aim was to loot the wealth of this country and carry it back to their homes. They were bent upon converting Hindus in to their religion by force. In addition they demolished Hindu Temples and polluted their sacred places. They had destroyed Hindu Temples and erect Masjids in their places. The people were under constant fear of attrocities and felt insecure.

Hindu women of those upheavel days used to part on veils for fear of Muslims persecutions. They had started merraging their girls at an early age with the exception of Brahmins and Vaisys (Business Community) no one else used to get proper education. Most of the population remained uneducated, kept blind faith and turned saperat to us; of suspicious nature and mostly ignorant you can say the life stream had nearly divide up. Many had become a prey to false custorus and practices. They were living on the brink of elimination.

Dark clouds of despair prevatled every where. The only silver line of hope was the "dharma-acharyas" (religious perceptors) like Sri Ramanuja, Sri Madhva, Shi Nimbarka, Sri Vallabha, Sri Chaitanya. All these saints had propagated the path of devotions. Traditions like "Mahanubhava Sampradaya" in Vidarbha; "Varakari Sampradaya" of Jnanadera and Namadeva in Maharastra, "Pusthi Marga" in North and West; and "Chaitanya Sampradaya" in the East. Other notable saints like "Kabir", "Vidyapati", Narasimha Mehta and others have let their foot print on the soil.

Mahaprabhuji had made a clear description of the situation of the nation of those days. The whole nation was under the yoke of Muslims. Each nook of the courliry was bursling with the sinful act's. Righreous people were the most suffering lot. Holy places were already poluted. All tthe a renues of reaching the supreme preling were blocked. The relegiouus persons and pandits were wrapped up in their ego. They care only to build their pristege and making money. There was no more place for leadnd a righteous life. Vainglor variousness had tanken the place of knowledge.

Whenever thing appeared blank for this country a new day has dawn... the form of Sri Vallabhacharya.