:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::


Sri Vallabha was of medium height of dark brown complexion of wheat well built and had strong constitution. His for head was broad. Eyes were like to his pe... . His face ex..ded divinity. He had brilliant .... around. His speech was sweet and soft. He used to call his desciples by their personal maner thus exhibiting into many. Even when argruing with his opponents he used to speak very sweetly and give them due respect.

His life was full of simplicity and descipline. He used to engage himself in self-study and Seva. Whatever interpretation he would make out of Sastras he used to put them in practical like and preach them. He never uttered any thig outside Sastras. If he went out to preach some thing he would put same in his conduct with others. In this way he used to encourage his desciples to follow the same principles. He had been kept himself from wealth, ...ice, grandeur and carnal pleasures. He never had exhibited ostentation, arrogance or hypocrisey. He were only a simple Dhoti, Uparna (upper cloth) Janoi (holy thread) and the basil garland (Tulsimala). He never used any costly dress.

Amongst his desciples many were ever rulers. But he never accepted their costly gifts. He was not even willing to receive the sheller of royalty. All his life he spent in ordinary thatched coltages whether is was in Charanaut or Adel. His life was mixture of self dependence and simplicity, fond of up holding trush and helping others to the best to his ability and more important of all he was dedicated towards his Lord.

He used to get up very early. ..... his abulitions and then attend to his "Nitya Karma" or daily routine. Then he would turn his mind or concentrate on Sastras. Then he would attend to the daily Seva of Thakurji. He used to initiate people into the Mantra of Brahma Sambandha when they approach him. After finishing his meal he would taken little rest. Then he would spend the time in discussing with learned people on various subjects. In the evening he would narrate "Bhagavad Varta" or episodes related to God. Then he would joins in evening Seva. After taking his night meals he would spend conssiderable time in meditation. In the end he would go to spleep. In this way he used to utilise his indriyas (senses) in various occupation having a bearing with God.

One should follows scmpulourly has house holder's life. He did not marry with the prima intention of his comfort. He married to obey the commands of divine being. His marriage was instrumental in carrying the service of God in a proper and systematic way. When he lead a huouse holder's life he did it like a lotus staying in water i.e. without being in fluenced by his surroundings. He never tried to acq..... material wealth. He never attempted to gain any pristege or money.

The king of Delhi Badasahah Sikandar Lodi was by nature cryek and heritic. Even then he sent his personal artist Honahara to Gokul to draw the painting of Sri Vallabha. The Badashah Mahmmad Begda of Ahmedabad had to bow down before Sri Vallabha's majesty and alow his procession to be carried underneath his Mahals open windows otherwise there was a strict order in his kingdom that no one but the Badashah could take outra ............. kingdom. The Moghal Badshah Hamayun and hs Begum Hamidabanu had granted him several Villages in Vraj.

Sri Vallabha had a long list of desciples. Some of them were ministers (diwan) some were rulers, some commanders of armies, learned scholers, Nagar Seths and big businessmen but in those days where the society had discarded than calling them as "Sudras" and "Ati Sudras" they to were given shelter by him and taken under his fold. Many of them had turned his desciples. Some Muslim Sardars (influencial officers) like Ali Khan Pathan, Arya Khan and others had become his desciples. He never looked into the caste and community of the people while initiating into his system who ever is interested to become a true Vaishnava was given shelter by him.

He had freed may desciples from evil customs. As a result of the reforms brought by him thus, many had refused fo follow custm of becoming sa... (burning the wife alive on the ouer along with dead husband); when the occasion has arise they were prepared to marry a widow again, and people strted shoring willingness to marrying out side caste.

He was against the feeding after the death of a person. He dinied Yajnas ..... followd crul custom of killing animas. Eating meat and drinking liquor was discouraged. Bad habits of consuming opinion was preventd. He inter..... where also cities were committed on women. In this way he also attempted to bring social returns in the society.

While moving on his Yatras he had attempted to establish the sanctity of various Mandirs. He encouraged service to the presiding deities with live rather than attednding to is as a matter of fact. He brought radical changes in the management affairs of Mandirs. Traditions of Seva also were drastically upgraded. In those days parents were used to give absured and insignificant names to their children. He had made them change in consequential names and brought a remblance of cultured atmoshpher in families.

Inspite of all these extia social reforms his chief aim in life was to propagate the name and Seva of Sri Krishna. He had tried to explain a single fact throughout the country of Bharat that is "Krishna is none other than the very divine being. Krishna alone is that supreme soul. (Paramatma). One can reach him only through his devotion. In order to achieve Krishna Bhakti, he said, listen to the episode on Krishna sing songs of praise (Kirtan) on Krishna. Repeat the name of Krishna and perform his Seva continuously. There is no other ancient dharma than this at any time or at any place. This is the "Sanatana Daharma" taught by our (Rushies).

He has brought a new lease to the ancient teachings. He has shown a very easy path to all those who were seeling to reach the al mighty. He has interpreted the true meanings of Vedas. He had rechanged the evil customs; had discouraged practicer of falsities. He had stopped superstiotions customs. He has brought the Hindu society from its yoke of helplessness and rejuvinated it with fresh faith in Dharma. Can we give a better epithet than "Mahaprabhu" to this super human, Jagad Gura Sri Vallabha ?