:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::


Sri Vallabha had started his preparations for the passage to Goloka. He had decided to take the order of an ascetic to renounce the world he needed he permission of his wife. But his wife did not give the necessary permission to him. He is already known as a form of "Agni" (fire). So by his supernatural power he had managed to ignite fire in the hut when he was inside. Seeing the hut burning his wife cried loudly : "Run away ! Run away !" Taking their granted as permission given for leaving the house, he emerged from it to accept "Sanyasi". In order to explain the form of renouncing the world under the system of devotion he had written an important book - titled "Sanyasa Nirnaya." He had been initiated into the order of a Sanyasi of Bhakti Marga on the 2nd day of dark half of the month of HEtha in the year 1530 A.D. or S.Y. 1578 at Hanuman Ghat in Kasi. He had assumed the name of "Puranananda." Then he gave up food, water and speech. He remained in a state of constant meditation on God for 15 days reciting the name of God day and night.

Both his sons and many of his desciples came to Kasi. Since he was under the vow of silence he wrote on the sands on the bank with his finger three and half slokas. These are known under the name of "Siksha Sloki." He wrote : "At any time if you turn away from "God" the element of descripation will sweep you away like strong currents. It will consume your body and senses. If you want to be protected from it do the "Seva smaranna" of divine being Sri Krishna and offer "Seva" prepetually. Sri Krishna is transcendental. He is not an ordinary man. Maintain attachment for hi,. Believe that he is all in all for you. Then he will fulfil all your desires. Never doubt this."

At that very moment Sri Nathji appeared. He said : "If you place your faith in me you are successful indeed. You will have no reason to feel sorry any time."

It was the 2nd day of the bright half of the month of Asadha in the year 1530 A.D. or S.Y. 1587. It was mid day when he entered the mid stream of Gangaji. Meditating upon divine being he bent for ward in a posture of bowing soon after a brilliand flam emerged from Gangaji in the form of a huge beam of light. It spread and touched the sky. In that brilliant flame of light Sri Vallabha had made the journey his body to Goloka. People heard the sounds of "Dundibhi" ( a kind of instruments). The celestials sh...ered flowers. All the citizens of Kasi had witnessed this divine conlomeration of light for nearly three hours. All were wonderstruck. The desciples were chagrined. In this way Sri Vallabha who had manifested from fire had finally the means of fire had passed on to Goloka. He lived on this earth for 52 yeaars two monts and seven day.