:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::


Sri Vallabha had an ocassion to meet the devotee of Krishna - Sri Krishna Chaitanya of Bengal - in the year 1516 A.D. or S.Y. 1573, for the first time. The second encounter took place in Jagannath Puri. The third happned in Vraj on "Manasi Ganga", where Sri Krishna Chaitnya said to Sri Vallabha : "It is very hard to maintain religious practices. But if you take the name of divine being it will salrage mankind. If a person can alter the name of God truly arising from his heart even for  moment, remain being him, he helped to freedom. To this Sri Vallabha said : "Freedom from bondge is not so easy. If a person cannot keep his mind on God even for a space a "rai" mustard could turn out into "ASuri". (An a Suri is a person who turns evil in life.)

In the year 1519 A.D. or S.Y. 1576, the new temple of Sri Nathji was completed by Seth Puranamal. Hence Sri Vallabha had to return to Vraj. There the installation ceremony was performed in great pomp and pageantry. The "Adhikar" Krishnadasa passed away during this period. Hence Sri Vallabha had entiusted the work of Seva to some Bangali Brahmins.

Sri Vallabha had performed 5 Soma Yajnas in his life time.

He was writing extensive commentaries of Bhagavata - called "Subodhiniji". At this period he had completed three canlos of the work. Then he received a command from God : "Stop your work and come back to Goloka." (The abode of divine being) when he was hastesing to complete his commentaries on the 10 canto, he had received a second call : "Come soon to "Goloka !" Thereafter when he had reached the 4th chapter of the 11th conto there was a third call to return to "Goloka". The first command was given when he was some where arround "Ganga Sagar Sangama". The 2nd was made when he was in Madhuvan. When the third call came he was in Adel.