:: Jeevan Charitra (Life Sketch) of Shree Vallabhacharyaji ::


"Patravalamban" granth by Shree Vallabhacharyaji, being read by Pandits all around Bharat, at Kasi Vishvanath Mandir- Kasi

After returning form the third Bharat Yatra Sri Vallabha staued in Kasi for some time. By this time his ame had spread in all directions. Hence many local Pandits used to visit his place to discuss on the various Sastras. In thsi way he had to devont a lot of time. In order to avoid this he had stuck one work called "Patrvalambana" on the outter walls of the temple of Viswanath and requested all Pandits to reat that book properly and if they had any dought still they could come to him for clarifications. After reading this book is said that not a single Pandit came to Sri Vallabha for any discussion

He had then shifted to Adel wish an clitention of staying permanently. He brought his family also with him. He lived here in almost simplicity. His house was a thatched hut. He used to offer Seva to Sri Thakurji both times - onthe morning and in the evening. In the afternoon he used to spend the time in "Bhagavad Varta". People used togather round him during these discusses to listen to his schlarhic explantions. They used to come even from far of places. Even learned Pandits used to visit during this period to discuss on sastras. During reisume hours Sri Vallabh used to work on his books.