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Vaishakh Krishna - 11 JagadGuru Shreemad Vallabhcharyaji Mahaprabhuji Pragatkya Mahamahotsav

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Today is the appearance day of Shree JagadGuru Shreemad Vallabhacharyaji Mahaprabhuji - the proclaimer of Pushti Bhakti - Pushtimarg. Today only the Mukharvind (Lotus like Face) of Shree Govardhannathji appeared from Shree Girirajji on V.S. 1535 in the noon time.

Brief Charitra of Shreemad Vallabhacharyaji Mahaprabhuji:

Apshri's appearance was on V.S. 1535. Just like 'Tatva Guna Baan Bhuvi...', Tatvas are 5 i.e. Elements are 5. These elements are transcendental. The First element 'Prithvi' is the divine Mother of Pushti bhakta i.e. Shree Yamunaji. The Second element 'Jalatva' i.e.water is to do the darshan of Leela of Shree Krishna. The third element is 'Tej' i.e. effulgence. This is the Haridasvarya Shree Girirajji. The bestowing of divine nector like 'Rasa' is the characteristics of 'Vayutatva' and to decrypt the secret meaning of Granthas is 'Akash Tatva'.

Three Gunas: 'Guna':

The three Gunas i.e. Attributes are 1. Satva, 2. Raj and 3. Tama. Like this, Shree Mahaprabhuji's 'Materialistic form i.e. 'Adhibhautika' form is the human form on earth. Shree Mahaprabhuji's transcendental form i.e. "Adhiyatmik' form is of 'Tritayatmak Swaroop' i.e. as mentioned in 'Saundarya Padya'. The divine form of Shree Mahaprabhuji i.e. 'Adhidaivik' form is Krishna i.e. 'Vastutah Krishna Eva' i.e. Shree Mahaprabhuji is actually 'Krishna'. Thus Shree Mahaprabhuji is Purna Purushottam.

Five Arrows (Baan):

These are the five arrows of 'Kamdeva' and the effect of each arrow is mentioned in Shreemad Bhagwat Mahapuran.  The Five arrows are:

1. Shosan

2. Deepan

3. Sanmohan

4. Tapan

5. Unmadan

Same way, Shree Mahaprabhuji by appearing on earth did the work with five arrows:

1. Shosan: Shree Mahaprabhuji destroyed all the sins of BHakta

2. Deepan: Shree Mahaprabhuji enlightened the Bhagwad Rasa in hearts of Bhaktas.

3. Sanmohan: Shree Mahaprabhuji likewise attracted many divine souls (Daivi Jeevas)

4. Tapan: Shree Mahaprabhuji taught the only instrument to obtain Shree Krishna i.e. Virah (Longing)

5. Unmaad: The last and the fifth stage is to raise bhakta in such a stage that bhakta forgets about the five adhyasas and becomes engrossed in bhagwad Seva.

Why did Shree Mahaprabhuji appeared in the month of 'Vaishakh'?

Ans: The main characteristics of month 'Vaishakh' are as follows:

1. It is the most favourite month of Bhagwan

2. The salvation of many demons was done in this month.

3. The story of Tulsi poojan

4. The Donation of 'Paduka', 'Water','Pankha' etc in this month

Apshri appeared in Vasant Rutu i.e. Spring season.

Apshri did 6 types of leelas on earth:

1. The uddhar of 'daivi' jeevas on earth and made them realize the inifinite time of seperation from the supreme being Shree Krishna by Brahmsambandh.

2. To disclose the secret and unknown meaning of Shree Bhagwat Mahapuran in form of Shree Subodhiniji.

3. The disproval of principle of 'Mayavaad'

4. Circum-ambulation of earth three times to take into his shelter all types of daivi Jeevas i.e. Satva, Raj and Tama.

5. Taught to do seva to Women, shudras and other daivi jeevas.

6. Showed some legends before other acharyas, sevaks, scholars to prove the importance and supremacy of Bhakti Marg.

Why did apshri appeared on 'Ekadashi' ?


Five Karmendriyas + Five Jyanendriyas and 1 mind to form 11 senses in our body. To use all these senses in the divine service of Lord Shree Krishna was the main aim of appearance of Shree Mahaprabhuji.

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