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Vaishakh Shukla - 3 (Kshya of 4) Akshya Tritiya - Chandan Yatra

Today is Akshay Tritiya also known as Chandan Yatra.

From today the Nitya Kram of Ushnakaal (Summer Season) starts in Seva. After Rajbhog, before Aarti, all the things which comes during summer i.e. Chandan Chappa Vastras, Fans of Chandan, Kunja of Clay, GulaabDaani, Khas etc are offered. After Rajbhog, immediately the 'Adhivasan' of Chandan Fans (Chandan Pankha) and Chandan is done. Chandan is mixed with Gulab Jal and beads are formed. Five such beads of Chandan are formed and then is offered to Shree Prabhu. Before offfering to Shree Prabhu, the adhivasan of beads of Chandan is done. Bhog and aarti is done to the Chandan beads during adhivasan. The beads are offered in both arms (Hastkamals) and both Charanarvinds (Lotus like feet) and one in Vakshasthaal (i.e. Heart). After that Shram bhog is offered. In Shram Bhog, the samagris like Ladu, Pana, Chironji Ladu, Satuva, Dahi, Bhaat etc are offered. After that dashan is opened and Rajbhog darshan is done.

Today only in V.S. 1556 Sunday, the foundation of Mandir of Shreenathji was laid. And during this day only in V.S. 1576, the patotsav of Shreenathji was done by Shree Mahaprabhuji.

Today is the Start of Treta Yuga. Thus, this is also called as Yuga-aarambh.

Today is Parashuram Jayanti (Jamdagnikumar Parashuram). Parashuram's swaroop is of anger and thus today Shree Prabhu is offered Chandan (as a material to pacify anger) and cold samagris are offered today.

In the 'Mahatmya of Vaishaakh' month, the importance of donation of cold things during this month is mentioned. The things like 'Clay pots' i.e. Kunja, cold things etc are offered and donated. Thus in Pushtimarg also, the cold things are offered to Shree Prabhu. The things offered today becomes 'Akshay' i.e. Permanent. Thus it is called Akshay Tritiya.

Today's tithi never can become 'Kshay'. If it becomes then huge deluge can be forecasted.