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7. Bhadrapad Sud 15 (poornima) Sanjhi Starts - Daan of karhala

Today, Sanjhi leela as well as Mahadaan starts. In the Daan, this daan is known as "Daan at Karhala" (Karhala is a place at Vraj). Shree Prabhu took daan from Gopikas at Karhala today.

Speciality: Shree Prabhu took daan from gopijans at karhala today. This daan is known as Maha daan. Today, Shree Prabhu is offered milk, butter milk, Basondi, Golab jamun, Penda, Magad, Mohan thaal, Jalebi etc. Thus it is known as Mahadaan.

Sanjhi: Today is the starting of sanjhi leela. 14 days are celebrated as sanjhi and on Ashwin Krushna Amavasya, Kot aarti is performed (which is the last day of Sanjhi). During this, sanjhi, shree prabhu use to go to barsana and use to pluck and gather flowers from tha forests of barsana to do the poojan of Sandhya Devi. Shree Prabhu disguised as a Shayama Sakhi (i.e. Sakhi named Shyama Sakhi) took the form of a lady and went to barsana (the place of Shree Swaminiji Shree Radhikaji)

What is Sanjhi? Why it is named as Sanjhi? What is its importance in Vallabh Sampraday?

Once, Shree Brahmaji was doing meditation (dhyaan) and from that, the manas putri (daughter) of Shree Brahmaji appeared. She bowed before him and asked Brahmaji that what is her duty. Brahmaji replied "Tap Tap Tap". She started to go to one deep forest near Bruhallahit sarovar near Chandrabhag Mountain, to do the penance. At that time, Shree Vasistha muni arrived and initiated this sandhya devi with mantra "Namo Bhagawate Vasudevay". Sandhya devi performed penance excessively in the forest. Due to this, Shree Vishnu with Garuda appeared before her. He was satisfied with her penance and asked her to seek some boon. At that time, Sandhya Devi seeked 3 boons from Lord Shree Vishnu. Those were following:

1. A Jeeva must not get the Kaam Vasna (carnal desires) during the birth, and during his/her complete life.

2. Her Pati Vrat remains as it is.

3. The one who does the aradhana of her, his/her all desires must get fulfilled.

Shree Vishnu did some changes in the first boon that Jeeva will not get carnal desires at his/her childhood and old age. Shree Vishnu bestowed her all other rest of boons. Shree Vishnu now told to Sandhya devi that, as initially, she had the desire to quit her body, She should enter into the Holy fire of Yagya done at the banks of River Chandrabhaga by Maharshi Megha. By doing so, she will become the daughter of Agnidev.

But when Sandhya devi did that per the advise of Lord Shree Vishnu, She waas taken by Sauryadev after she entered to the holy fire of Yagya and quit her body. She Suryadev took her to his abode named Surya mandal. Their she became and assumed the form of "TRIKAAL SANDHYA". She then became "ARUNDHATI'.

The Young unmarried girls and Brahmins use to do pooja of this Sandhya Devi to get all their desires fulfilled. The Sanjhi is also done for this to get the Lord Shri Krishna as a husband by Shree Gopikas of Vraj. Vrajlalanas did the poojan of this devi during this period for 14 days and as a result, got Shree Vrajraj Shree Krishna in Maharaas. This is called as "Sanjhi" or "Sandhya".

During this period, the gopikas used to create beautiful pictures on the ground/walls depicting the places, leelas, characters etc of Vraja and other places. After that, they use to do the poojan of these pictures and thus the poojan of Sanjhi. They did the poojan with the objective of getting Shree Krishna as her husband. These pictures were created by Flowers, natural colors, leaves of bananas and in water. These are the four types of Sanjhi that are done in pushtimarg.