::Pushtimargiya Utsav Bhav Bhavna::


21. Kartik Shukla 11 - Dev Prabodhini-Hari Prabodhini

Today is the utsav of Dev Prabodhini. The importance of this day is described below:

Once, the demon named Shankhasur captured whole earth and devlok under his reign. He defeated all the devtaas and ousted out from there lok. As if this is not enough, he also wanted to make the source of power of devtaas i.e. Vedas also to capture under his power. He, with this desire, went to BrahmLok. That time, Chaturmas was going on and Bhagwan was doing shayan. Before the sheshshayi bhagwan shree Vishnu, all the adhidaivik swaroopas of Vedas merged themselves into the divine water of Kshirsagar. That demon reached there to get those Vedas but was unable to get. Without the power of Vedas, Devtas became impotent and powerless. They all went before Shree Prabhu and did the stuti (praise) of Shree Prabhu. Shree Prabhu being happy with there prayers, suggested them to observe the Vrat from Ashwin Shukla Ekadashi to Kartik Shukla Ekadashi, and also promised to kill Shankhasur.

Today, Jagran is done in the mandir. Prabodh – means to wake up or to do praise. Since all the devtas today came before shree prabhu for shankhasur, and wake shree prabhu, today is known as Prabodhini-Ekadashi. At the Time of Dev-Utthapan, Goswami Balaks recites the sholka :

“uttishtho Uttishtha Govind Tyaj Nindra Jagatpate|
Tvachyuttithe Jaganattha Vhyuttitham Bhuvam Vayam||
Tvayi Supte Jagannath Jagatsuptam Bhavedidham|
Uttisthe Chestathi Sarva MurtiUtthistha Madhav||”