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Ashwin Krishna 5 : Shree Hariraiji Mahaprabhuji Utsav

Today is the appearance day of Shree Hariraiji Mahaprabhuji on Bhutal (Earth). The precise life sketch of Shree Hariraiji Mahaprabhuji is described below:

Appearance on bhutal:

Shree Hariraiji was the great grand son of Shree Gusaiji and son of Shree Kalyanraiji. Shree kalyanraiji was the son of Shree Govindalalji (Second Son of Shree Gusaiji). Apshri appeared on V.S. 1647 Ashwin Krishna 5, at Shreemad Gokul of Vraja.

Education & Diksha:

Shree Hariraiji's sacred thread ceremony took place at Shreemad Gokul at the age of 8 years. At that time, Shree Gusaiji's eldest son Shree Giridharji was present. As Shree Giridharji was the eldest in the family, apshri was supposed to initiate Shree Hariraiji by giving the Brahmasambadha Mantra. But Shree Giridharji told Shree Gokulnathji (Fourth Son of Shree Gusaiji) to give the Brahmasambandha to Shree Hariraiji. In this way, Shree Gokulnathji was the Diksha Guru of Shree Hariraiji. Shree Hariraiji aquired the knowledge from Shree Gokulnathji too.


Apshri's vivah took place at 24 years. Apshri's wife was "Pujya Shree Sundarvanta vahuji". Apshri had 4 lalans (sons) named Shree Govindji, Shree Vitthalraiji, Shree Chotaji and Shree Goraji. Apshri's younger brother was Shree Gopeshwarji, for whom Shree Hariraji composed the well-known granth Shikshaptra. For which, apshri become to known as "ShikshaSagar" Shree hariraiji.


Shree Hariraiji mostly stayed at Shreemad Gokul, Govardhan etc. Sometimes, apshri use to visit other regions as well. Shree Hariraiji, during his visit to other regions, use to disseminate and give discourses on Shree Mahaprabhuji Shree Vallabhacharyaji's Principles. Side by side, apshri also did lot of work to find out the charitras of Shree Vallabhacharyaji, Shree Gusaiji and their vaishanavas too. During his visit to other regions, apshri use to deliver vachanamrutas, at that place, which are known as apshris bethaks. These Bethaks are mostly location in Vraj, Rajasthan and Gujarat. From these bethakjis, the following are the main:

1. Shreemad Gokul

2. Savli (Gujarat)

3. Dakor (Gujarat)

4. Jambu

5. Jaisalmer

6. Nathdwara

7. Khimnor

Leaving Vraja:

Due to the atrocities and act of Auranzeb against the hindu religion, in V.S. 1727, all the Goswami Acharyas had to quit Vraj (as it was the throbbing zone of Hindi Religion), and settled down to hindu kingdoms with their Sevya Swaroopas and Granthas. Due to the orders of Aurangzeb, the hindu temples like Shree KeshavDev Mandir (Famous Mandir in India) was destroyed. Other big mandirs in Vrindavan, Gokul and Govardhan were also destroyed. During this time only, the main deity of Pushtimarg, Shree Shreenathji's Swaroop was also relocated secretly to Nathdwara - Mevad (Rajasthan). On Ashwin Shukla 15 V.S. 1726 Friday night, Shree Shreenathji's swaroop was taken from Shree Govardhan. With that swaroop, the Goswami Acharyas also accompanied with their Granthas etc. They went to several places in hindu kingdoms to settle and finally they reached to Sinhad - Mevad. After developing the Magnificent Mandir their, Shree Shreenathji's swaroop was made seated on V.S. 1728 Falgun Krishna (Guj) 7 Saturday. In this way, it took 2 years 4 months and 7 days to relocate Shree Shreenathji's swaroop from Shree Govardhan to Sinhad-Mevad. During this historical event, wherever shree shreenathji's swaroop was made halted and offered seva, these places were known as "Charan Chowkis". The detailed description of those places and entire travel is narrated by Shree Hariraiji in apshri's granth 'Shree Govardhannathji's Prakatya Vaarta'. Due to this, the unpopular village of Mevad i.e. Sinhad became the centre of pushtimarg.

Apart from Shree Shreenathji, other swaroopas like Shree Hariraiji's sevya swaroop Shree Vitthalnathji (Nidhi swaroop of Pushtimarg), Shree Dwarkadhishji (Nidhi Swaroop of Pushtimarg) and Shree Navnitpriyaji (Nidhi Swaroop of Pushtimarg) were also relocated to Mevad.Shree Vitthalnathji Thakurji was first made seated at Khimnor - Mevad in V.S. 1727 Kartik. Shree Dwarkadhish Thakurji was relocated before Shree Vitthalnathji Thakurji at Mevad on Bhadrapad Shu. 7.

Asurvyamoh Leela:

Shree Hariraiji stayed from his birth to V.S. 1726 at Vraja and rest of his life at Mevad. Apshri was 80 years old when apshri came to Mevad. He passed his rest 45 years at Mevad. At this time and place only, aphri composed most of the bhavatmak granthas. Apshri disappeared at the age of 125 years at Khimnor.

Disciples and Sevaks:

There were many disciples,sevaks and bhaktas of Shree Hariraiji. From these, Shree Vitthalnath Bhatt, Harjeevandas, Premji and Shobha Maji were very famous. Vitthalnath Bhatt composed a very important ans well known granth "Sampraday Kalpadruma" by hearing the discourses of Shree Hariraiji. This granth is composed in Vraja language and it was composed for the king of Kishangadh Raja Mansinh.

Literary Works:

Shree Hariraiji was specially well known for apshris literary works. Apshri at that time was one of scholars of pushtimarg. Shree Dwarkadas Parikh has enlisted Shree Hariraiji's about 166 sanskrit creations. Some of them are enlisted here.

Apart from above works, there are several other small granthas written by apshri which is enlisted below:

Name Name Name
Shree Mahaprabhuji's Prakatya Vaarta Shree Govardhannathji Prakatya Vaarta Nij Vaarta
Nij Vaarta (Second) Mahaprabhuji and Gusaiji Swaroop Vichar Shreenathji Charan Chinh
Shree Gokulnathji's Bethak Charitra Sharan Mantra and Vyakhya Marg Shiksha
Nav Grah aachar Vaishnav Nitya Krutya Trutiya Gruh Utsav Malika
Aparadh Varnan Raas Prasang Ban Yatra
Samarpan Gadhyarth Samarpan Gadhyarth Second Jap Prakaar
Bhagwat Swaroop Nirnaya Das Marma Bhasa Marg Swaroop Siddhant
Pushti Dradhav Dwidalakmak Swaroop Vichar Sfut Vachanamrut
84 Vaishanava vaarta Bhavnavali Mahaprabhuji's Prakatya Vaarta Bhavnavali Nij Vaarta Bhavnavali
Gharu Vaarta Bhavnavali Seven Swaroop Bhavna Seven Swaroop Bhavna (Second)
Charan Chinh Bhavna Swamini Charan Chinh Bhavna Seven Balak Swaroop Bhavna
Nitya Leela Bhavna Dwadash Nikunj Bhavna Van Yatra Bhavna
Nav Grah Bhavna Shreenathdwara BHavna Seva Bhavna
Utsav Bhavna Basant Hori Bhavna Utsav Bhavna
Chappanbhog Bhavna Chaak Biri Bhavna Bhavna Tray

Kirtan Sahitya:

Shree Hariraiji was also a great poet and literateur. Apshri had composed many Krutis in Braj Bhasa, Gujarati, Rajasthani and Punjabi languages. Apshri had composed many kirtans, Dhamars, Dhols, Khayals and Rekhta etc. We get several chaap of Shree Hariraiji in his composed kirtans. Some of them are "Rasik", "Rasikrai", "Rasikdas", "Rasik Preetam", "Haridas", "Haridhan". But there are some other acharyas who are also considered to have the chaap of "RasikDas" in some kirtans. We find the issue in the Badhai Kirtans of Shree Harirai Mahaprabhuji's Utsav itself, the chaap of "RasikDas". It is considered or believed that this chaap is of Shree Gopilankarji (Mattuji).