::Pushtimargiya Utsav Bhav Bhavna::

Chaitra Shukla - 3 Gangaur Utsav  

From today, upto 4 days, the Utsav if Gan Gaur is celebrated. During this utsav, the huge procession is started with great pomp and pageantry. This procession is mainly done by Royal Family and Goswami Balaks. The description of this incident can be found in many puranas.


When Shree Shankarji Mahadevji, with his third eye, in the anger, turned Kamdeva into ashes, the wife of Kamdeva i.e. Rati collected the ashes and made an idol of it and did the poojan of this idol. After doing this poojan she again made the Kamdeva alive with the grace of Lord. The re-marriage of Rati and Kamdeva was done today. Also, in many puranas, it is believed that today only, the 'Ganas' i.e. the divine representatives of Goddess Uma Parvati appeared from her and began to be known as 'Gan Gauri' which means the 'Ganas' of 'Gauri' i.e. Uma Parvati. Today, the king of Rajasthan celebrates this festival with great pomp and pageantry. But in Pushtimarg, each festival is celebrated with the context of Shree Prabhu and for the happinness of Shree Prabhu and thus bhaktas also celebrates this Utsav with great enthusiasm with Lord shree Krishna.

Gangauri Procession (Shree Thakurji and Shree Swaminiji initiating the procession)