::Pushtimargiya Utsav Bhav Bhavna::

Pushtimargiya Utsavs, Mahotsavs, Manorath, Mahamahotsavs

Kartik Krushna 13: Dhan Teras : Dhanvantari Teras: Dhanya Teras

Today’s seva is done with the bhav of Shree Lalitaji. The seva of “Dhan” i.e. valuable divine asset is done. The real “Dhan” of Vrajvasis is cows. The main deity of Yagya is cow and from today upto 4 days, Deep Daan is done. Today, Dhanvantari deity appearance day is celebrated. Shree Yasodaji does the poojan of the ornaments of Shree Krishna and Shree Baldevji. We get the reference of this in kirtans “Dhan Dhovat Nandrani”. From today, Deep Dan is done and Hatari (One type Shop Bunglow) is offered to Shree Prabhu. This hatari is generally made from wood, metal and glasses. Today Shringar is done to Cows (Cows are decorated) and poojan of Cows is done. Today, cows are offered “thuli”

  Kartik Krushna 14 ( Krishna Chaturdashi, Rup Chaturdashi, Narak Chaturdashi)

Today, the “Poova” which were offered on VijayaDashami are dried and they are utilized to create the flame through which the deepaks (candles) are lightened aaround all 4 sides of Shree Thakurji. Today, Special Snan ( Bath) is done to Shree Prabhu at dawn with Kathtunga Aunga. 

Depotsav – Annakut

Today Shree Prabhu seats in hatari (one type of shop bunglow). Today Nav (nine) aartis are performed with the bhav of Nav Grah. First the poojan of cows is done. The bhav of annakut is of Yagna Bhagwan. Entire Heap of Rice is of the bhav of Heart of Shreeji, The Circular Chakra (wheel) is the head (mastak) of Shree Prabhu, The Four Gunjas on four sides are with the bhav of Four arms (Shree Hasts) of Shree Prabhu. In any yagya, these below three things must be done: 

  1. Yagya Sahitya: Payas, all types of Kheer, Ghee, Handi, Til, Udad Dal etc are used in Annakut
  2. Tarpan: The Goswami Balaks take the Prasadi Dudhghar is Tarpan
  3. Marjan: The Distribution of this mahaprasad if the marjan. Due to this, all Bheels (One type of Community) are offered this mahaprasad.