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Faagan Krushna 1 - Danda Ropan Utsav -Start of Basant Dhammar

Picture of Hori Khel
Faagan Krishna 1 (Danda Ropan Utsav):

Today's Utsav is known as 'Danda Ropani Utsav'


Today the 'Aropan' i.e. Establishment of 'Kandarpa' i.e. God of Love i.e. Kamdeva is done. Wherever the Hori Khel has to be done, at that place, the Swastika Vanchan Poojan is done so that the Hori Khel completes without any obstacles. In this poojan, at the outskirts of the village, where the Hori Khel has to be done, the Branch of tree i.e. 'Danda' is affixed in the midst of the Ground where Hori khel is to be done and poojan of that Branch is done by Brahmin. In this branch, the flag is hoisted so as to depict the win or lose of Hori khel. Since in Hori Khel, two groups are formed and Khel is done during which one team wins and the other loses. After the poojan, Shree Vrushbhanji, Shree Nandraiji, Shree Kirtiji, Shree Yasodaji, Shree Gopikas, Shree Baldevji, Shree Revtiji, Shree Gopalji does the dandwat to the 'Danda'. After that, 'Dhammar' starts.

Kirtans (Dhammar Audio Kirtans here):

If the 'Danda Ropan' is done in morning, then Dhammar kirtans start from evening.


During entire month of Faagan, Shreeji nevers wears 'Kulhe'. The Shree Mastak Shrungar like 'Sehara', 'Mukuta', 'Tipara' are offered more. Also, 'Gherdaar' is offered more in this month.

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