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2. Bhadra Pad Krishna 7 Chatthi Utsav

What is Chaathi?

"Chaatthi" is the Shasthi Devta. Shasti is regarded to protect Shree Thakurji. But in this Sampraday, we do not do poojan of devi then the question comes in our mind that why we we do the poojan of Shasthi? The answer is, this seva is done with mukhya bhavna of Nandalaya, wherein the Shishu bhav/Bal Bhav is main. That's why, we do not consider it as the poojan for any other devi but is considered as the protector of Shree Thakurji.

But Chaathi Utsav should be done on the sixth day of the birth of the child, why Shree Thakurji's Chaathi utsav is celebrated on Bhadra Pad Krishna 7?

On the day of Chaathi, Pootana Moksha Leela was done by Shree Thakurji. Due to which, Shree Nandraiji could not do the Chaatthi Utsav and poojan. Thus, in the Acharyaji's Seva pranali, chaathi utsav is celebrated on Bhadra Pad Krishna 7. But Chaathi poojan is done after Mahabhog of Janmashtami comes (In Trutiya Gruh). Remember, Chaathi Utsav and Chaathi Poojan are performed seperately.

Three Kinds of Poojan in Pushtimarg

In pushtimarg, three kinds of poojan are considered. Sat, Raj and Tama. Satvik poojan - Shree Govardhan Poojan since Shree Govardhanji is the satvik swaroop, Rajuguni Poojan - Chaathi Poojan, Tamoguni poojan - Bhatthi Poojan - Agni poojan is necessary for annakuta Mahayagya.

Procedure to arrange Chaathi

Chatthi must be drawn in the wall facing west and the one who is going to do the poojan must be facing towards chaathi in east. Firstly, the place on the wall (where chaatthi is to be arranged) must be purified and painted with Gobar and afterwards, attar must be applied to it. This attar must be made out from the green Vanaspati. The rice is kept in water for some time and the paste is made and turmeric is mixed to give a yellowish color to the paste with the bhavna of Shree Swaminiji. Vermellion is the bhav of Shree Lalitaji and white color is of the bhav of Shree Chandravalliji. So Chaathi is drawn with 5 different things to summarize.

How to draw Chaathi?

There is a swatika in the shree charanarvind of Shree Swaminiji (ordered by Shree Hariraiji Mahaprabhu in his granth "Charan Chinha Bhavna". In the center of the Chaathi, branches of tree in rectangular form. In the middle of rectangle, Swastika is drawn. Above this rectangle, sun and moon are drawn. Above this, Pat Vastra is drawn and below that Eight Swastika and the Kamal Vel is drawn. Hath Thapa, conch, chammar and other Ayudhas are also drawn. The Palana, Khilona etc are also drawn. Mathna, Rai,Talwar,Sinhasan, Banta, Zhari etc are also drawn. Sun, moon, vastra, swastika,mathna,rai,vanshi,palana,khilona, pat,kamal and talwar, total 12 things are drawn in chaathi.

Seva Shrungar Pranalika (Trutiya Gruh)

Vastra: Red big Pichoda, MeghaShyam Pat Thada Vastra

Ornaments: Piroja, Red Four Karnaful, Shringar upto Kati

On Shree Mastak: Red Chaajedaar Paagh, white jadau shirpech and Mor Shikha, One saadi Chandrika.

Shringar Bhog: Today in Shreengarbhog, Khir dabara, Tulsi, Shankhodak, Dhupdeep are offered. After the bhog, bidi is offered and Gwal Darshan is opened. Khandpat is aranged, Chopad is arranged and Shrungar aarti is done.

Rajbhog: Katora Saj

Shayan: Chaathi Bhog is offered in Shayan Bhog. In Shayan Bhog, Feni, Kachori, Khaja, Sunthni Bukani, Maida Puri, Basundi, Ghee, Luna, Saada Lapet are offered