::Pushtimargiya Utsav Bhav Bhavna::

37. Nakshatra Pradhan (Jyestha Shukla 15 on Jyestha Nakshatra)– Jyestha abhishekh - Snanyatra

Nakshatra Pradhan Utsav

Jyestha Shukla 14: Before the day of Snanyatra, special pranalika (seva routine) is observed to do the 'Adhivasan' of 'Jal' (water) through which Shree Prabhu could be offered 'Snan' during 'Jyestha' Nakshatra. This 'Jal' is made pure and pious by doing the 'Adhivasan', so that 'Prarurbhav of Shree Yamunaji' is done in the 'Jal' and the 'Jal' assumes the sanctity and becomes suitable to offer 'Snan' to Shre Prabhu on coming 'Jyestha Nakshatra' morning.

This day is also known as 'Jalyatra' because on this day, the divine water is fetched from various pilgrims and divine rivers and then 'Adhivasan' is done. "Adhivasan' is a procedure (vedic) in which 'poojan' is done for which the 'adhivasan' is done. The Poojan is done with flowers, vermillon, etc and by this procedure the object is rendered pure and suitable to make use for Shree Prabhu.

The "Adhivasan' is done immediately after 'Shayan bhog' is offered and during that, flowers like 'Kadamb', 'Lotus', 'Rose Petals', 'Juhi', 'Raivel', 'Mogra', 'Tulsi', "Nivera' etc 8 types of flowers are mised in 'Jamuna Jal'. Other materials like 'Chandan', 'Rose water' etc is also mised in this 'Jal'. The Poojan of this 'Jamuna Ghat' is done as above. This 'Jal' remains as it is for entire night and during the early morning during 'Jyestha Nakshatra', Shree Prabhu is offered 'Snan' or 'Jyestha Abhishek'.

During 'Adhivasan', the following kirtan is sung 'Hon Jal Ko Gayi, Sughat Neh Bhar Laayi..'

Jyestha Shukla 15 (Snanyatra on Jyestha Nakshatra Morning):

Seva Prakaar: On the previous day of 'Snanyatra' during the Shayan bhog, the 'Adhivasan' of 'Jal' is done and same 'Jal' is used for 'Snan' today.

Today, Shree Prabhu is waked up very early in morning. During Mangala, 'Shree Yamunashtapadi' by Shree Gusaiji is specially sung. After Mangala Aarti, Shree Prabhu is offered Dhoti-Uparna Shrungars. The Ashta Dal (Eight Petalled Lotus) is painted with Turmeric and on that 'Snan Chowki' is placed on which Shree Prabhu would be offered 'Abhishek'. Tilak akshat is offered to Shree Prabhu. During snan, Shree Prabhu must be offered 'Nupurs', 'Alankaars', 'Kadaa', 'Katipech', 'Kanthabharan'. Shankhnaad is done with kirtans 'Mangal Jyestha, Jyestha Punyo...'. Brahmins recites 'Ved Mantras', till that snan is offered with Shankh. At this time, the recitation of 'Purush Sukta' and 'Suvarnadharmanuvak' is done. After that Shrungar is offered and Samagri like 'Sathua', 'Charoli Laddu', 'Bij Laddu', Barafi', 'Aam Ras', 'Panaa', Mangoes, Dry Fruits, Dahi, Bhaat etc is offered to Shree Prabhu. During rajbhog, kirtans like 'Karat Gopal Jamuna Jal Krida..' in Raag Todi is sung.

Bhav Bhavna: For entire month, padas of Shree Yamunaji and praise of Shree Yamunaji is done and 'Jal Vihaar' manorath of Shree Prabhu is done during this month.

The Bhavna of Snanyatra is that, 'Vrajbhaktas' are the 'Jyestha' Bhaktas i.e prime bhaktas of Shree Prabhu. Due to this, Vrajbhaktas does the manorath of 'Jal Krida' with Shree Prabhu with Shree Yamunaji. This manorath took place on 'Jyestha Poonam' thus it is celebrated on this day. Shree Prabhu is in total surrenderence of Vraj Bhaktas who are qualified as 'Jyestha Bhaktas' and thus utsav is also known as 'Jyesthabhishek'.

Another bhavna is today Shree Nandaraiji did the 'Rajyabhishek' of Shree Prabhu. Shree Prabhu assumed the title of 'VrajRaaj', 'Yuvraj' of Vraj. Thus before the title, Shree Prabhu was known as 'Vraj Raaj Sut' i.e. son of king of Vraj. Now Shree Prabhu assumed the title of King of Vraj.

Today only Shree Gusaiji composed the first pada of apshri by doing darshan of Shree Prabhu during Rajbhog Darshan. The Kirtan is 'Vraj Raaj Virajit Ghosh Vare, Varaniya Manohar Roop Dhare..'