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40. Kasumba Chaatt (Shashti Pandagu)

Asaadh Sud 6 :

Kasumba Chatt – Shasthi Pandagu (Utsav of Shree Laxmanbhattji)

The phrase ‘Shashti Pandagu’ is a Telugu phrase. This terminology is popular in Shree Vallabhkul. The meaning of ‘Shashti Pandagu’ is ‘Shrushti Pindaru’ i.e. the birth of child. This utsav was started by JagadGuru Shreemad Vallabhacharyaji Mahaprabhuji on the occasion of apshri’s pitrucharans (i.e. father) Shree Laxmanbhattji’s appearance day. This utsav, thus is also celebrated in pushtimarg. The evidence of this can be noted in the kirtans of Shree Nanddas and Shree Krishnadas in the kirtan collection pushtak published by Kankroli Tilakayat.

Shree Laxmanbhattji (Pitrucharan of Shree Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji) was the son of Shree Balambhattji. Shree Laxmanbhattji appeared on V.S. 1510 at Kankarwad village.

Another bhavna of today is, Shreenathji today again gave the Sayiyog Anubhav (Sayiyog experience) to Shree Gusaiji (Second son of Shree Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji) after releasing from Viprayog Anubhav. This Viprayog Anubhav was been experienced by Shree Gusaiji since 6 months at Chandrasarovar and Shree Gusaiji also wrote many ‘Vigyaptis’ i.e. Requests, to Shreenathji to again give the Sayiyog Anubhav. Thus, today Shree Gusaiji again got the Darshan of Shreenathji again after 6 months doing Viprayoganubhav at Chandrasarovar. Since red color is a symbol of ‘Sayiyog’, ‘Divine Love’, ‘Prem’, today Shree Prabhu wears all Red i.e. ‘Kasumbhi’ vastras and all ‘Saaj’ i.e. Decorations etc are also of ‘Kasumbhi’ color. From today, during whole Varsha Ritu, mostly red colored vastras are offered to Shree Prabhu. Today only, Shree Krishnadasji composed a historical and very famous kirtan in pushtimarg i.e. ‘Param Kripal Shree Vallabhnandan’.

The manorath of Kasumba Chatt was firstly done by Shree Giridharlalji (Eldest son of Shree Gusaiji) as part of seva pranalika in pushtimarg.

In Trutiya Gruh, all vastras, decorations etc are of Gulabi and Kasumbi color. The pichvai is offered with painting of peacocks and monsoon season. The Rain, lightening, dance of peacocks, singing of peacocks all are Uddhipan Vibhavas. The bhav of peacocks in pushtimarg is also mentioned in ‘Vallabhakhyan’:

“Taan Dhuni Muni Mayur Rupe, Sambale Dhari Dhyaan’

Meaning: These peacocks of Vraj are not a mundane animal, but actually, they are the divine swaroops of sages who use to do penance (i.e. singing praise of Lord Shree Krishna) in form of singing.