:: Ashtyaam Seva Routine - Nityotsav::


Smaran bhavna:

A Bhagwad Bhakta must wake up during the early morning in ‘Brahm muhurt’ and must chant the name of Lord Shree Krishna (Sharana Mantra). One must do the darshan of the representative of ‘Dasya Dharma’ i.e. Tulsi Kanthi in neck. By doing the darshan of Tulsi Kanthi, the sentiment of service to Lord become more aggressive. After that,bhakta must change the clothes of last night and wash the mouth three times. After that one must take the charanamruta in mouth and must sit so as to face in east or north direction and chant the name of Shree Mahaprabhuji and do the dandwat. After that the smaran of Shree Gopinathji, Shree Gusaiji and seven sons and entire vallabhkul must be done. Dandwat (Prostrate) must be done to Brahmsamabandh bestower Gurudev.

Dehkrutya (Shouch samay):

Before performing the daily routine before the bath, one must do the following Vigyapti:

After this Vigyapti, the Soil and water must be used to wash the body parts. After that mouth, hands and legs must be washed. After going to urine, one must wash 4 times. After toilet, 8 times. After the meal, 12 times. After Vishay, 16 times.

Dantdhaavan: Cleaning the mouth

During this the following Vigyapti must be recited.

Snan: Taking bath:

The Apras is done only when Shree Yamunaji graces the bhakta since Shree Yamunaji gives the capability and capacity to Pushti Jeeva to perform the bhagwad seva. During snan, Shree Yamunaji vigyapti is done to make ourselves pure and capable to perform the seva. Shree Yamunaji is the only tatva which bestows the ‘Adhikaar’ to perform Seva of Shree Prabhu and destroyes the ignorance and obstacles coming on the way of Pushti Jeeva to perform Bhagwad Seva. Thus the following Vigyapti must be done while taking snan.

During snan, bhagwan naam must be recited. Snan must be done with paradani weared on the body. After snan, body must be made clean by ‘Angvastra’. After that Dhoti and Uparna must be weared. While wearing dhoti uparna, recitation of Shree Yamunashtakam must be done. After that, charanamrut must be taken in mouth and following vigyapti must be done:

After that Tilak as described in Tilak Nirnaya section must be done. Six other sampraday mudras also must be applied.

Vigyapti to Shree Mahaprabhuji to perform Seva:

Seva of Shree Prabhu can be done only through Shree Mahaprabhu. Thus, always, before doing any type of Seva, Vigyapti to Shree Mahaprabhuji must be done to seek the permission to perform seva and thus ignite the Dasya Bhav in ourselves. This Dasya bhav must be maintained in the seva. Following Vigyapti to Shree Mahaprabhuji must be done:

Bhagwan Mandir Prarthna:

Bhav Bhavna of Bhagwan Mandir is described in Bhagwan Mandir section. After doing tilak etc, one must go before the Bhagwan Mandir and seek the permission to place our legs in the AksharBrahm to perform Seva. Thus following Vigyapti must be done:

While opening the ‘Tala’ of Mandir, recitation of Shree Vallabhashtak must be done.

One must wash legs and hands before entering into Shayya Mandir. After that, the Jhariiji, Bantajin Beeda, Mala of night must be taken and emptied. After that Sohani (cleaning the Mandir) must be done. After that with the wet cloth, entire mandir’s floor must be cleaned. During this time, the recitation of Siddhant Rahasya must be done.

Preparing Sihasan:

After that Sihasan of Shree Prabhu must be cleaned and new Saaj (if applies) must be done. During this the recitation of BhaktiVardhini must be done. Jhariji, Bantaji etc must be cleaned with soil and water and again Jhariji must be filled with Shree Yamunaji with reciting Shree Yamunashtak. During filling Jhariji the following vigyapti can also be done:

After that Nevra (Red cloth) must be tied around Jhariji. After that Mangal bhog must be made ready for Shree Prabhu. Jhariji, Bantaji, Beeda, Mangal Bhog, all these must be kept ready on the Bhog chowki before the sihasan before Shree Prabhu wakes up.

Shakhnaad to wake up Shree Prabhu:

Shree Prabhu is waked up by doing Shankhnaad and Ghantanaad or Only Shankhnaad (Depending on the PRanalika of respective Gruh). Shakhnaad and Ghantanaad is done three times with the bhav of Tamas, Rajas and Satvik bhaktas. After that following Vigyapti to Shree Prabhu must be done and Shree Prabhu must be awaked:

Mangal Bhog:

Before Shree Prabhu starts having Mangal Bhog, nobody is allowed to speak louder. After Mangal Bhog is offered, Kirtans are started to sing. Kirtans of Shree Mahaprabhuji, Shree Gusaiji, Shree Yamunaji, Kirtans of Jagaayve ke, Kirtans of Kalevu(morning breakfast) are done depending on the kirtan pranalika of respective Gruhs. This kirtans are done with Been only. After Mangal bhogs is offered, Jhariji comes. Till Shree Prabhu takes Mangal Bhog, one must do the seva of Shaiyaa Mandir. Before offering any bhog, kaani of Shree Mahaprabhuji, Nand, Yashodaji, entire Vallabhkul, and all Vrajbhaktas is given to Shree Prabhu.

Mangala Darshan:

Mangala Darshan is done to have a glance of Mangal Shree Mukharvind of Shree Prabhu. By doing the darshan of Mangal Mukharvind of Shree Prabhu, the rest of the day passes without any obstacles in performing bhagwad seva. The bhav of Mangala, is expressed by Shree Gusaiji in Shatpadi i.e. “Mangal Mangalam Vraj Bhuvi Mangalam’

During Mangala, flowers and garland of flowers cannot be offered. As flowers represents the heart of Vrajbhaktas. Since Vrajbhkatas does darshan of Shree Prabhu and does the seva, Shree Prabhu does not hold them in Shreeang. Pichvai does not come. Takiya, Gaadi remains. Venuji remains besides shree prabhu. Shree Prabhu does not hold Venuji on Shree Hast because if apshri holds and plays venuji then Vrajbhaktas gets Mohit and cannot perform seva properly. Mangala darshan is Matrubhav Pradhaan.

After Mangal bhog is completed, the Shatpadi is sung and Mangala darshan is opened.

Sanmukh, kirtans are sung according to Rutu/utsav. Jhariji is kept on the side of Shaiyaa Mandir and beeda on other side.

After that Mangala Aarti is peformed. The aarti bhavna is discussed in Aarti section.

Snan of Shree prabhu:

The Following Vigyapti to Shree Prabhu must be done for snan.

After that Shree Prabhu must be placed on Snan Chowki and both Jhariji and Bantaji of Mangala must be offered. Also Shrungar bhog must be kept besides the chowki. When there is abhyang, Fulel (chameli oil), Dry Tulsi and Amla must be applied to Shreeang of Shree Prabhu slowly from charanarvind to entire Shreeang of Shree Prabhu. Like this way, one must apply Ubatana on entire Shreeang. After that One Loti of Jal (not too hot not too cold) mixed with Shree Yamunaji and Rose water is kept ready and snan is done with that water. After that at the end, for Druhti Dosh Nivaaran, the Loti is circumambulated around shree Prabhu three times.

Shrungar of Shree prabhu:

After that Shree Prabhu is cleaned up by Aang Vastra and Shree Prabhu is placed on Shrungar chowki. After that Vastra must be offered according to the Shrungar Pranali of respective Gruhs. Accordingly shrungars must be offered and Shrungar kirtans are sung side by side.

After Shrungar is done of Shree Prabhu, the khabar of Jhariji is conveyed. Shrungar is done by Shree Vallabh and Jhariji is also filled by Shree vallabh. After that ‘Mala Bole’ means the message is conveyed to Fulghariyaji to bring ‘Malaji’ from Fulghar for Shree Prabhu to mark the completion of Shrungar of Shree Prabhu. During shrungar, ‘Mishri’ is offered without fail to Shree Prabhu. After that Flower garland i.e. Malaji is offered at last to Shree Prabhu to complete the shrungars. After Shrungar bhog is done, Shrungar darshan is opened. After that Venuji is given Shree Prabhu to hold on Shree Hast. After that Aarsi (Mirror) is shown to Shree Prabhu. In Shrungar, only One Malaji is offered. During Shrungar darshan, Aarsi is shown from the side of Shaiyya Mandir.After showing Aarsi, one must embrace the aarsi and let aarsi touch on our hruday. During this, Shrungar kirtans are sung. After kirtans, again aarsi is shown to Shree Prabhu and Venuji is taken away and kept besides Shree Prabhu.

Gopivallabh Bhog:

This bhog does not come at vaishnavas house. All Gopijans offers bhog to Shree Prabhu. After Shree Prabhu’s Shrungar is done, Shree Prabhu does out of Nandalay with our Gwal baal. At that time, Shree Prabhu is offered Gopivallabh bhog by Gopijans. In this bhog only Chappanbhog comes. In this bhog only, the special bhog of snanyatra, rathyatra comes.Before offering any bhog, kaani of Shree Mahaprabhuji, Nand, Yashodaji, entire Vallabhkul, and all Vrajbhaktas is given to Shree Prabhu. During this bhog, Kirtans are not done. Following Vigyapti is done:

Gwal: After Gopivallabh bhog is done, Achaman is done. After that, the Mukhiyaji of Gowshala comes to inform Shree Prabhu that all cows are doing good. After this message from Mukhiyaji only, Shree Prabhu takes the Gwal bhog Ghaiyaa. During this bhog, only one kirtaniya sings the kirtan of Ghaiyya. After the bhog is done, darshan is opened of Gwal. During Gwal Darshan, kirtans are not done. In this darshan, Takiya does not come. During this darshan, tulsi samarpan is done.During this darshan, Malaji is not offered and Venuji remains besides Shree Prabhu.


During the Gwal Darshan, one can swing Shree Prabhu in Palana depending on gruh’s panalika and aagya of Shree Gurudev. Before swinging Shree Prabhu, this vigyapti must be made:

After that the Paryank Vigyapti by Shree Gusaiji is sung i.e. ‘Prenkh Paryank Shayanam..”


After Gwal darshan, Darshan is closed and preparation of Rajbhog is started. The Bhog Chowki is placed in front of Sihasan and on that, the dry leaves of Khakhra are placed on it. After that Samagri is placed on leaves and Dhup, Deep and Shankhodak is done. Dhup, Deep, Shankhodak, Tulsi samarpan is done only to Rajbhog and Shayan Bhog. Brahmsambandh Mantra is recited and Tulsi samarpan is done on Shree Charanarvinds of Shree Prabhu. During this, Kirtans are sung.Before offering any bhog, kaani of Shree Mahaprabhuji, Nand, Yashodaji, entire Vallabhkul, and all Vrajbhaktas is given to Shree Prabhu. Following Vigyapti is done while offering Rajbhog:

During Tulsi Samarpan following vigyapti also must be done:

Rajbhog Darshan:

After Rajbhog is done, message is conveyed to Fulghariyaji to being Fulmaala for Shree Prabhu and also Nagara are also started playing. After Mala comes, Rajbhog is taken away and Royal decoration is done. Rajasi Saaj is done. Jhariji, Bantaji Trushti comes. Beeda and Mala are offered. Lotus, fulchadi is offered according to season. Khand, Paat are offered. Darshan is opened and Venu and vetra is offered to Shree Prabhu on hands. After that Aarsi is shown to Shree Prabhu. Rajbhog aarti is done and again aarsi is shown to Shree Prabhu. Venu and Vetra are taken away and FulMala is also taken away. During Rajbhog Darshan, Kirtans of Rajbhog sanmukh is sung. Aarsi in this darshan is shown from right side of Sihansan. Rajbhog seva is done with the bhav of Chandravaliji.

After Rajbhog Aarti:

Dandwat must be done to Shree Prabhu with following Vigyapti:

Vigyapti to Shree Swaminiji:

Vigyapti to Shree Mahaprabhuji:

Vigyapti to Shree Prabhu:

Vigyapti for Bhavnatmak Shayan:


*Note: The Explanation about Utthapan to Shayan would be explained in the next upload