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Form of Devotion

There are some grand wrong notions on the subject of Bhakti amongst members of Vaishnavas society. The reason for this is : they believe that they are practicing true bhakti, but in fact it is not the true form of bhakti.

Many people out of pure show as if they are following bhakti. While others respect the actions of bhakti following others. Very few can be said to be practicing bhakti.

In order to understand the three kidns of bhakti it is compared to a coconut. A coconut has a hard outer surface with fibrous growth around. If you taste the outer crust it will be very repulsice. You will not find the delicious taste of the kernel.

Those who practice bhakti for outward appearance or out of pride it is something like tasting the fibrous content of the outer coconut. No result can be achieved by show.

Sri Hariraiji has specifically mentioned in “Siksha Patra” that :- If at all you desire to achieve some results, never attempt practice bhakti either to gain material comforts or to establish you are a great bhakta. Do not exhibit your worldly skills in the practice of bhakti. You may attempt to decieve the world but you cannot decoy Jagadisha (the lord of the world). Our Prabhu knows whatever transpires in your mind (Antaryami). HE will know the truth if their mind. Hence never practice showing up or deceipt in Bhakti.

To adopt bhakti to show to others. To practice it to earn money, to gain showers of praise by seva; to fill your stomach by professing seva, all these are not true forms of bhakti. It amounts to show off alone.