:: Bhakti and Bhakti Marg ::

Bhakti Described

Each object of this world (Jagat) has a trifold aspect viz., AdiBhautic, Adiyatmic and Adhidaivic. In a similar way different sentiments (Bhava) too have these three forms around them. Since Bhakti has a bearing with the sentiments of heart, it has an Adidaivic (divine) forms. It consists of a form known as “Bhakti Maha Rani”. She is very dear to divine being.

As a consequence HE is under the influence of Bhakti Maharani.

In the 6th chapter of Padma Purana We find the episode of the magnificience of Srimad Bhagvada. Bhakti Maharani had two sons. 1. Jnana. 2. Vairagya unless a person gains an equal knowledge of the forms of divine being and bhakti one cannot hope to achieve true bhakti. Hence sastras said that Jnana is the son of Bhakti. A bhakta must acquire full knowledge about divine being. Knowledge about self i.e., knowkedge about one's own soul, about the true form of Jagat. About the illusionary character of Maya. viz., Ahanta and Mamta.

A hamta and Mamta have illusionary character. Wehn you realise this you will lose your atraction for close objects and gain vairagya – sense of uselessness of worldly objects – then your mind can be turned towards divine being. Hence it is necessary that you adopt vairagya for materialistic world. For this reason vairagya is also said to be a son of Bhakti.

The birth of Bhakti Maharani took place in Kerala. The first Acharya of bhakti also comes from kerala. Sri Vishnu swami was the fore most of all acharyas to establish “Vishnaswami Sampradaya” of Bhakti Marga.

The childhood of bhakti maharani was spent in karnataka Sri Mahdhavacharya and Sri Nimbarkacharya hail from the same place. Wehn she attained adoloscence. Seh reached Maharastra. Here she attained youth. Namder, Jnana Dev, Ekanath Tukaram and other saints have spread the cult of Vithoba bhakti in Maharashtra in the name of VaraKari Sampradaya.

Then the youth bhakti maharani had entered along with her two children Jnana and Vairagya who were still in their childhood. Here all the three even before comming to age turned into old persons. Feeling sorry for the sudden advanced age, She then turned towards Brindavan. When she entered the banks of Sri Yamunaji in Brindavan in the abode of Bhagvan Sri Krishna, she once again remained old. They remained almost in an unconscious state of mind.