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Other works of Shastra on bhakti

There were two Maharishies in ancient times. 1. Maharishi Narad. 2. Maharishi Shandilya. Both the Maharishies were more of Bhaktas than Gyanies. Maharishi Narad was a deep devotee of divine being. He was called "Parama Vaishnava". Maharishi Shandilya was the "Purohita" of Sri Nanda Raiji. Purohit is a person wo conducts religious pratices on behalf of a householder. He lived all his life in Vraj and practiced Bhagavada Bhakti. Both these Maharishies have composed rules and regulations explaining the form of Bhakti and its doctrines on the form of Canon. Maharishi Narad had composed "Narad Bhakti Sutra". He had also composed another work called "Narad Pancha Ratna". Maharishi Shandilya had written a work called "Bhakti Sutras". Relying on these works propaganda for the system of Bhakti is undertaken during the period after the life time of Adi Sankaracharya.