:: Bhakti and Bhakti Marg ::

All the creation of divine being has a meaning. He has created this world (Jagat) for HIS sport out of HIMSELF. He has alos created the Jivas out of HIMSELF in a part form. This "Jivas Srusti", as it is known in sastras, passes through various "Yonies" (reproduction process) and "Manusya Yoni" is one of them.

It is said that the divine being shows special compassion (krupa) on "Manushya yoni" than shown on other yonies. He had provided hands, heart and mind to mankind. Hands indicated the power to do karma (actions), "Haiya" (heart) indicates to power of bhakti, and "Magaj" (mind) indicates to the powers of intelligence using these three powers and the means (Sadhana) available to us, a man can with the assistance of a "Sad Guru" and his guidance, can lead a life of dedicated dharma and ultimately reach divine person.