:: Ananyata and Anyasraya ::

In bhakti marg you have to consider Anyasraya

When it is decided that this jiva will follow bhakti marg, it becomes very necessary that he understands this concept Anyasraya.  For those who follow Gyana or Karma Marg this subject called Anyasrana has no relativity to them.  Hence we do not find any mention about it in these two systems.  For example, if a person has not married at all.  Where is the question of asraya of a wife.  They have considered all women as their sisters or mothers.  Since they have this Gyana or understanding that "Para stree Mata re".  O! Man! All other women are mothers alone !  hence there can be no leaning on to any one women.  Hence in Pusti Margiya Bhakti.  The concept anyasraya is stands in the form of detachment.

If you desire to join either police or milatery force and arojoined it becomes compulsary you wear a uniform.  This uniform is a part of his service.  A sista or we cannot be identified without the uniform.  With the work he does.  A surgeon is identified with his green robe and the light cap.  When his green robe he enters the operation theatre.  It is his "sista" or a customary dress.  If you are a lawyer or a judge you have to wear a black coat.  By the dress you belong to wwaring these uniforms and dresses is a natural outcome of the work he professes to do.  Then this does not become above of contentions.  It has to be followed in its practice.

In a similar manner if you have decided to adopt the path of sneha in your life.  Ananyasraya becomes a part of Bhakti Marga. Now it is no longer a contentious subject matter.  It is now a part of your daily behaviour.  Hence it is a basic factor under Pusti Marga.

If a young person, with an intension of finding suitable women as his life partner meets several women there can be nothing wrong with it.  Even if he keeps the photos in his pocket there can not be any objection.  But when he accepts a women as his wife and enters into nupital relationship, then he can keep only the photo of his wife in his pockets.  But if he still wants to carry the photo of the other women it is not advisable to do so.  He should keep not only the photo but the women also from his life.  Otherwise this can hamper the smooth running of a family where "sneha" or love for the married women should be the order.  Any involvement would create disturbance.  Reduce the love for wife and will result in klesa or sorrows.  There can be no good result to this kind of behaviour.  The wife will lose faith in him for a man.  A wife should stand as a leaning tower (alavambana) without fail.  This strong sense of devotion to a single person is known as "ananyasraya".