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Shree Govardhannathji Shree Yamunaji Shri Girirajji Vrajbhoomi (Vrajmandal) What is Nidhi Swaroop Nidhi Swaroops in  Pushtimarg
Pushtimarg-A vedic sampraday Shuddha-advaita Brahmvad Pushti Bhakti Sect. Bhaktimarg Diksha-Brahmsambandh Ananyashraya & Anyashray

Pushti-Bhakti Sampraday (Sect)

Why Sampradayas?

The aim of a sampraday is to impart Brahm-Gyan i.e. Knowledge of the supreme being. Through Brahm-Gyan, one can achieve Moksha and sadhan rupa and Fal Rupa Bhakti.

Note : Moksha here means to attain Bhajanand of Lord Shree Krishna

How does various Sampradays differ?

Sampradays differs from each other with respect to following: Rituals

  1. Symbols(Tilak Mudra, other Mudras, Mala)
  2. Sadhan (Puja, Seva)
  3. Fal (Sayugya etc and Bhajanand)
  4. Type of Bhakti (Saguna or Niguna Bhakti)
  5. The Principles (Dwaita, Advaita, Dwaitadvaita, Vishishtadwaita, Shuddha-advaita)
Since how long Pushti Sampraday exists?
Sampradays appears in each Kalp and are flourished by Brahm himself.These Sampradays exists from the primitive stage. They are not created nor destroyed. They appear from Brahm and disappears again in Brahm himself. Vaishnava Sampradayas are in existence since the primitive stage of universe.
Who is the Acharya of Sampraday?

The characteristics of the Acharya of the sampraday are mentioned in the Padmapurana. According to it, the one who studies numerable branches of Veda, who is the dikshit of all yagyas (Sacred Sacrifices), the one who has taken birth in pure Brahmin Family but who is not a vaishnav cannot become the Acharya of the Sampraday or Guru.

If the question is about Pushtimarg Sampraday then the below is the Acharya Parampara of Pushti Sampraday: