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Maintaining our precious tradition

1. Water Pollution :
a. In order to provide a quick solution to this vexacious problem we have to bring pressure on the central and U.P. government one can mobilize public opinion through the MLA's and the state govt. and the M.P.'s of the parliament in New Delhi.

b. Let us all observe self-discipline. Let us try not to add to the pollution of water. Let us educate the citizens of Mathura and Vraj Vasies themselves not to add to the already polluted waters by diverting the human waste into the river.

c. Let us not pollute the waters of the Kunds, lakes and sarovars of Vraj by making it dirtier. Let us attempt to stop people from spoiling the waters.

d. Let us try to purify the waters every year.

e. Let us ask the leaders of all Vraj Yatras to undertake the cleaning process of all the reservoirs.

2. Protecting the place from pollution :

a. Let us try to keep the ghats of Sri Yamunaji clean and fresh.

b. Where people gather in crowds during Yatras let us try to clean the place immediately afterwards.

c. The local citizens make it a point to keep their surroundings clean.

3. Noise pollution :

This is entirely in our hands. Let us enforce self-discipline on ourselves when we visit any place worth seeing. Let us form into queues, maintain peace, attend to the seva and puja peacefully without jostling each other for a front place, keep our voices low to prevent noise pollution. If every one insists that to speak is his birth right then ! well ! God help us !

4. Renovation of Places of Vraj :

a. Let us establish an institution like the lines of "Sri Vallabha Vithal Pedhi". All Vaishnavas of Vallabha should join hands in starting this institution by keeping their differences aside and contributing literacy towards constructive work.

b. Let us make ten years plan and start renovating the places one by one depending on the budget we prepared.

c. All those who take out yatras to visit places in Vraj should also contribute their mite in this resurrection work voluntarily.

d. We have number of Vaishnava Architects, Engineers, Builders and Contractors. All these should join hands in making Vraj look beautiful.

e. Those who visit Vraj in individual capacity should also contribute a percentage of the budget for this reconstruction work.

5. Purification of Sri Girirajji's places and keeping sanctity of the milk used for bathing.

a. The experts of Dairy Technology have expressed their opinion in these terms : "Let the milk used for bathing be collected through an underground tunnel or pipe into an underground tank. Start a mini dairy plant nearby. Let the used milk be processed in this plant and turned into milk powder. Let this powder be turned into milk and supplied to primary school children. In this way you can stop the bad scent that emanates from stagnating milk in the drainage. You can also keep the dogs away from the site. You can also stop wastage of milk.

b. if the Vaishnavas set aside the intention of bathing the icon in large quantities of milk, thus sacrificing quality to quantity, and use only small quantity of pure milk, then the adulteration in the hands of the milk vendors also can be controlled. Milk only points out to the sentiments of our heart. Love cannot be measured either in liters or kilos. It should be of the best quality. Sri Girirajji Bava is personification of divine being. He is not a compilation of stones. He is the enhoyer of sentiments of best quality.

c. Each stone that constitutes the seven kosas of Parikrama of Sri Girirajji Bawa represents the lord within. If each of the stones can be worshipped with sentiments of love Sri Girirajji will accept it grandly. If we can maintain this objective then we can avoid the jostling and bustling at the "Makharavinda".

6. Assistance to Vraj Vasies :

a. Association like "Sri Vallabha Vithal Pedhi" can provide meals and medical care and education to the needy Vraj Vasies by organizing seminars.

b. Industrialists of Vaishnava community can start small-scale industries in Vraj and establish co-operative societies to help the people of Vraj.

7. Facilities to the Yatries of Vraj :

a. Every year organized Yatras should be taken out. All the stopping points should be pre-arranged. If there are any standing crops on the land you should compensate the farmers adequately as they have no alternative source of income. If it is possible the organizers can purchase wasteland from local authorities, out a boundary wall around it and make it a halting place for Yatra. Just as the organizers offer compensation to farmers for renting fields so also they use the place on rent. This will fulfil the need for a permanent-stopping place.

b. In terms of modern traveling there should be trained tourist guides to assist individual yatries to find suitable places to halt.

c. There should be proper arrangements for such Vaishnavas who do not consume food from hotels and restaurants. These arrangements should be according to the sentiments of staunch Vaishnavas. There should be adequate facilities to provide all amenities for those Vaishnavas who travel carrying their Thakurji with them. These organizations should also provide wholesome food to even otherwise ordinary travelers.

With all the discussions a plenty one can carry still face a single question. there is a proverb : "They say the bell is ready. But who will snap the bell round the neck of the Cat ?" These burning problems have been faced by all travelers. But till date no one has attempted to find the solutions. This is a fact.

I can only offer a prayer that our Sri Krishna may provide the inspiration to us so that we shall go forward and do the seva to Vraj.

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