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The Pusti Marg views about Vraj !

Both Sri Mahaprabhuji and Sri Gosainji have considered Vraj as everything worthy of their lives. They have strived tirelessly to re-inhabitate and enhance the glory of Vraj. they have turned Vraj into a land of Prema Lakshana Bhakti. The love they have for Vraj is without a Similie. Those Vaishnavas who have dedicated their lives in the service of Vraj were also much pleased with it. If some one stayed in Vraj with some selfish motives, he was neglected by her. Those who were showing disrespect to her received her displeasure.

Govardhandasa was disciple of Sri Gosainji. He used to take daily Pari Krama of Sri Girirajji with a sole aim of obtaining returns for his act. His devotion for Vraj was viliated with a flaw. So Sri Gosainji never looked at him.

One day this disciple was on his regular round when his foot was caught in an uneven surface of earth and he had experienced cramps. He could not move with pain. nor could he complete the Pari Krama.

That very day he had determined to level all potholes the road and was bent upon the work. He had removed all stones and thorns from the road and turned the stretch smooth. That day Sri Gosainji showed him pleasure on him.

Ali Khan another disciple of Sri Gosainji had prevented people from cutting trees thus saving the land from becoming barren.

Another Vaishnava had a bad habit of climbing Sri Girirajji from all possible wrong paths. This caused pain to Sri Girirajji. Sir Gosainji was very angry with him.

Suradasaji used to admonish those Vaishnavas who used to go to Sri Yamunaji to bath without understanding here form. He said : "You do not understand the depth of oceanic love ! What is the use of wetting the sack !".

In this way Vraj has a direct divine form. Its Yatra is also Bhavatmak i.e., free of sentiments. We always try to be clear away from offences towards divine being. So also it is essential that we keep away from offending Vraj.

We do the seva of Sri Thakurji through the means of body and wealths. Leading us to spiritual attainment in seva with lot of love and attachments. We should also show great insistence in seva of Vraj.

During the space of recess from service known as "Anosar". We devote the leisure time in listening to the episodes (katha) of divine being. Let us also attempt to listen to the great stories of Vraj. In this way you should spend your life in Vraj.

We have to make our stay in Vraj meaningful, by offering seva to her physically and monetarily, by leading also a life of pleasantness and soundness.

If a crore of Vaishnavas dedicate their life of this aim then certainly Vraj will once again blossom into divine glory.