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The raja or dust of Vraj bhoomi is not worldly dirt. The lotus like feet of Sri Thakurji move on these sands leaving HIS impressions. It is alleged that Lakshmi reside in the feet of Sri Thakurji. Sri Lakshmiji carries the vermillion of the feet of Sri Thakurji in her heart. This vermillion fallen from HIS feet got mixed with the Raja of Vraj. Hence it is said that this Vraj Raja is divine and unworldly. It is also representative of HIS form. By the grace of Sri Girirajaji the Bhil ladies called "Pulindies" smeared the dust on their foreheads, chest and head. They also placed it in their mouth. For this reason they have received the right to offer seva to Sri Thakurji. In a way we are received by HIM. On account of our relation to Vraj Raja. Just as the Pulindies are accepted due to the truth of Vraj Raja. That is why soon after the bath we take a little of the "Charnamrut" prepared out of Vraj Raja. In this act we reciprocate the act of rolling in Vraj sand and applying same on to our body.

One Bhakta Kavi (poet), describing the greatness of Vraj Raja, said : "The four faced Brahma had sung the greatness of qualities of divine being through Veda Mantras". Then he did penance for thousands years. Even then he could not receive the raja of the feet of Gopijana of Vraj.

When Udhavji returned from Vraj to Mathura he requested Sri Krishna not to give him Moksha (Liberation) but grant a permanent place in Vraj. Even there he preferred to be born as plants and climbing plants (Creepers) so that he can touch the Vraj Raja of the Women folks who are so dear to HIM. Let me roll forever in the cherana Raja.

In one sense the Vrajdham, the trees of the place and its sand are supernatural. If you put the Vraj Raja in the mouth or smearing it on the body, both body and mind would turn pure and satvic and useful for seva and smarana. Hence one Bhakta had exhibited his desire :

Ya Vraj Raj Kae Joromson
Bado Na Brahma Suresh
Parya Rahun Pran Dharike
Jayun Nahin Anya Desa.

Meaning : By the power of Vraj Raja there will be no necessity to praise the qualities of Brahma and other celestials. I will certainly complete my life here. I will never go anywhere leaving Vraj.

One other Bhakta Kavi had said :

Aur Kahan Ko Baraniyaer
Braj Raja Ke Bhoota
Inka Sarvana Ko
Sab Deva namae puta.

Meaning : Any one born in Vraj Raja is the mist fortunate person. No one can stand in comparission with such a person. He will also assume divinity higher than the celestials. All celestials will worship him.

We have received this Vraj Raja and Vraj Dharma by the grace of Sri Mahaprabhuji.

Chaurasi Jana Guru Sune
Chaurasi Nahi Payae
Chaurasi Vraj Dhammaen
Sthira Kari Basa Basai

Meaning : Sri Mahaprabhuji had 84 close disciples. They always cared what he had commanded them and obeyed without question. As a result they were saved from going through the 84-lakh yonies - i.e., saved from the routine of births and deaths. To provide this kind of security, he had made people to go and reside in Vraj of Chaurasi Kosa.

If you want to be blessed with the "Nirodha" of Sri Thakurji (Nirodha means to concentrate in a single object to the exclusion of all others) it is essential that you should go and live in Vraj. But when once you step into Vraj you will lose coguizance of all worldly matters and you will forget the world, about your family etc. Without physical contact. With Vraj, Nirodh is not conceivable. By going to Vraj, by staying there, by the contact with divine conscious people, by listening to the Lilas of Sri Thakurji, 'Nirodha' can be achieved. Vraj is Goloka on earth. It is not easy to get a place there. With the grace of divine being one can settle there you must have the moral strength to bear with the ups and downs of life. Keeping all attachments aloof, being satisfied with what you have, you should maintain yourself. Then only you can have a glimpse of the divine aspects of Vraj, because the divine lilas are ever present in this Holy Land.