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The three aspects of Vraj


We have discussed about three distinct aspects of divine being. 1. The Adhidaivic aspect is directly connected with Sri Thakurji. 2. The Adhyatmic aspect is related to HIS abode - Akshar Brahma. and 3. the Adhi Bhautic aspect is the apparent world. So also Vraj has three forms

1. Adhidaivic Swarupa :
Just as Sri Thakurji has manifested out of HIS original forms Sri Radhaji, Sri Yamunaji, Sri Girirajji, so also he has created folkes of Gopies and the whole Gokul Mandal.

We have learnt that even on this planet the mountains and rivers have a celestial form within. Even this Goloka Dharma has a transcendental divine form.

This Golokdham has been established as Vraj on this earth. So we assert that like its original is too has a divine aspect.

While Golokdham is replendent with divine glory, it also stands as a perpetual place of divine sport. All the objects of this Lila dham like the dust, trees, water, mountains, rivers, animals, birds, etc. are also divine. They do not represent the worldly inert substances. They stand only as a form of the divine person. If one is bestowed with divine vision he can see their true form. Girirajji is supposed to be consisting of diamond studded mountain. The water of Sri Yamunaji is nothing but the shining perspiration generated from the activity of cupid. The banks of Sri Yamunaji are said to be studied with gold. Manasi Ganga is alleged to be full of milk. The living places of Nandaraiji were adored with resplendent diamonds. Such is the transcendental nature of Vraj.

2. Adhyatmic Swarupa :

Only Sri Thakurji has the capacity to provide the upliftment to jivas. This he does out of sheer compassion. The holi aspect of Indian rivers like Ganga represents the adhyatmic forms. All the Tirthas of Bharat come and merge in Vraj. It is believed that by residing in Vraj one can receive upliftment. This is its spiritual aspect of Vraj.

3. Adhi Bhautic Swarupa :

What we see of Vraj with our eyes is the Adhi Bhautic Aspect.

It is asserted that in a hidden form within of the material Vraj there stand the spiritual and divine aspects of Vraj. Hence we attribute divine nature to the material place of Vraj. Never contemplate on its flaws. Never make any demeaning statements.

Having a shape of divine Lotus :

Upanishads have described Goloka dharma in the following words : "It is known as "Brahma Pura" or "Akshara Brahma". Inside this place Goloka dharma known as home of lotus is situated. It is also known as "Dahar Sthana" (Place) (The word "Dahar" is used meaning divine being). This never shrinks like any other place of the world. Nor will it be destroyed at the end of the world. It is real. Permanent.

In the Ganga Samhita it is mentioned that Sri Hari had sent this true, ever lasting, of the shape of lotus, Golok dharma to the earth.

Hence even Vraj has the shape of a lotus. The leaves of Kamal (lotus) overlap on each other. When it blossoms the leaves turn away from its centre. When it closes then the leaves come near the centre. The Vraj kamal has eight leaves. Cover this there are sixteen leaves called "dala" (shakha). Over this there are thirty-two leaves. In all there are fifty-six leaves. These fifty-six leaves represent the fifty-six lilas stanams of Sri Thakurji. Bhakti is expressed with fifty-six sentiments. We have one each bower in Vraj expressing each of these sentiments. In these bowers that particular Vraj devotee, relying upon his own expression of sentiments, perform Manorathas (A kind of festival), dressing Sri Thakurji in glorious dresses and offering delicious dishes.

In order to perform any of the Lila Sri Thakurji has to merely wish if he denies to move from one "dala" (place) to another. That "dala" or place will move nearer the other one and joins. In an otherwise movements the leaves move away from each other. Thus the places either come nearer or move away.

Sri Thakurji has accepted curds in "dana" or grant in the "dana ghati" (a narrow passage) of Sri Gir Rajji. He held the hand of Sri Radhaji and had taken her to Gaharvan (a deep forest) in Barsana. Where is Gir Rajji ? Where is Gaharvar ?

Since Vraj has a divine form of "kamal" we also perform a "Manoratha" in the name of "Vraj Kamal" Sri Yadunathji Goswami, son of Sri Vallabhalaji had written a book on the "BhavaBhavanas" of Vraj Lilas.