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The place of Vraj in the age of Buddha

In the age of Buddha this place was known as "Madhya Pradesh" because on the North it has the range of Himalayas, on the south it has the range of Vindhyachala, on the east it has the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna i.e., Prayag, and on the west it has the Rann of Kutchh - Where it is alleged that the diverted river Saraswati Merged. So this place was located in the centre of these geographical peripheries. There were nine inhabititations (Janapada) in it of which Matrya, Surasena, Rura, Panchal etc. were the biggest inhabitations.


The name of "Vraj Land" in Pauranic Age

In the Literature of Puranas, the word Vraj is used as a place of living.

1. In the work called Pancha Ratna, it is mentioned that those devoties, Brahman people who lived there are all verily revered.
2. In Harivansa it is stated that : "When Sri Nand Raiji and others went and lived in Vrindavan, the place called Vraj has become discarded.
3. In Sri Bhagavata it is narrated that : "When the divine being played on the flute, all the bulls, cows, deers of Vraj ran towards HIM". "Putana (A female devil) moved around in towns and villages killing the infants of Vraj". "Oh! Dear ! You go to Vraj where the place is replendent with Gopal and cows".
4. In "Vishnu Purana" Vraj is referred as a place of inhabitation.

Is Vraj Single or Many ?

In Sri Bhagavata the word Vraj is used as a village where Sri Nanda Raiji resided "When Sri Krishna manifested, the Vraj of Sri Nanda Raiji has blossomed into a city of affulence". "I salute the women of Nanda Vraj".

From this Bhagavat we also come to know there was another Vraj apart from Sri Nanda Raiji's Vraj.

"On the festival of "Chatti" - celebrated on the Sri day after the birth of a child - people belonging to the other Vraj have come to partake".

In this what is known as a Gosala in the Vedic period has come to be known as a place of inhabitation of people in the age of Bhagavata.