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The ceremony of the Naming of Vraj

Name of Vraj in the Vedic literature :

The word "Vraj" was first used in Rigveda. The meaning of three of its Mantras is as follows :

1. It seems that the land of Vraj, as it is surrounded by cows. The best land. The people of this place are very brilliant.
2. Oh Indra ! Open for us a stable of cows ! (Vraj).
3. Oh ! Young Fire God! Just the cows, harassed by heat, take the shelter of a cool Gosala (CowShed), so also people harassed by cold come to you to receive heat.

A mention is also made in a Mantra of Yajurveda about Vraj.

1. Oh! Lord ! We want to go to that place where cows with beautiful horns graze.

In the same Veda also the word Vraj is used in a Mantra :
"That land is glorified by the presence of the newly born child of Vrushni".

In a way, in the literature of Veda the word Vraj is used in the sense of a place where cows are abundant. Thus this explaination has come to life. The place where cows wander freely in Vraj.

Mention about the place called Vraj in the Bandha aga, the place around Mathura was not known as Vraj Mandal. It was called (and of Brahma Rishies, or Brahmavarta. The reason for this was that only very learned Brahmans - who are dedicated in Brahman, living a life of Good conduct - used to live there. It was the "Tapo Bhumi" (Land of Meditation) for those Brahmans who practiced rituals in search of Brahman.