:: Vraj ::

A divine forms of the word "Vraj"

"Vraj" : means to move about. To progress. Vraj is our chief country. It is our personal residence. Let us go to Vraj. Let us make progress in understanding the divine form of Vraj. Let us have a glimpse of Sri Vraj Vihariji, Sri Yamunaji, Sri Giri Raiji and the different places where the divine being has sported. Keep it in your heart.

"Vraj" means to bid farewell : to be free from seva, to return. To spend time; the time in our life is ticking off. Before the ultimate moment arriver to take you away, complete the seva of Sri Thakurji. Make progress in the path of seva. Leave behind the worldly affairs.

"Anu Vraj" : means to go back; to gain; to get help; follow the path of great souls; Try to gain Bhakti and seva.

"AVraj" : To come; to reach : go and reach divine being; attain HIM.

"Pari Vraj" : To wander. Leaving aside the shelter of all others. Do not travel meaninglessly. Take the shelter of divine being. Leave aside material interests. Take interest in Bhakti - Margiya ways.

"Pras Vraj" : To leave the world behind, go and reside in Vraj.

Thus the word "Vraj" is explained. To move towards the transcendental from the worldly activities. to move towards Krishna from the inevitable end.

"Vraj" also means gathering of Bhakti Gyana and detachment.

"Vraj" also means a shed where cattle are rested. Gosala (A shed for cattle) stands for the resting places of sense organs. i.e., our body just as the cattle of Vraj move around Sri Krishna. Let our senses be concentrated around HIM. Then this body will turn into Vraj. Then let the Lord of Braj come and reside there.

Another meaning of the word "Go" is sentiment of Vraj is engulped in the divine sentiments at all times. Let us experience the sentiments of sports of Sri Thakurji in our hearts. Then our heart will convert into Vraj.

Thus we find the word "Vraj" has such expansive effect.

If Sri Thakurji resides in your house, the latter will become Vraj.

If you worship Sri Thakurji employing all the 'Indriyas' (Senses) of the body, the latter will become Vraj. Utilizing your body and money, if you offer spiritual service (Manasi Seva) and it is fructified, your heart will become Vraj.

Thus Vraj can be found in the land of Vraj, in our own house, in our body, is our heart. In all divine places.