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Appearance of Shree Girrirajji in Golokdham

According to the Ninth Canto of Girirajkhand of Garga Samhita, Shree Narada has narrated the appearance story of Shree Girrirajji in the Golokdham.

Shree Golokdham appeared from Shree Purna Purushottam Shree Krishna. Shree Ganga also appeared from the lotus feet of Shree Prabhu. From, the left region of heart of Shree Krishna, Shree yamunaji appeared. From both of the knees of Shree Prabhu, the entire Raasmandal appeared. Likewise, from different parts of vigraha of Shree Prabhu, the materials for the divine sports (lilas) got appeared.

Once Shree Swaminiji Shree Radhikaji requested to Shree Krishna to create the divine place for their divine sports near Shree Vrindavan. Shree Krishna accepted the request and shree Krishna started thinking the ways to fulfill the request of shree swaminiji. At that moment, from the heart of Shree Krishna, the rasa of Prem of Shree Gopikas for Shree Krishna appeared and took the solid form and started expanding gradually covering large area. In that several cascades, waterfalls, trees, etc were present. Within some moments, it expanded to several miles and developed several ranges. All Golokvasis started calling this as Govardhan' and Shatshrung' . Looking to this beautiful mountain, Shree Radhikaji became very happy. When, Shree Krishna decided to get appeared in Saraswat Kalp in Vraj, entire lila materials also appeared from Golokdham to Vraj.


Appearance of Shree Girirajji on Earth

In the western region of India, in very ancient time, there was an island named Shalmali Island. Today it is known as South Africa. On that island, the mountain named Drona resided with his wife. Shree Govardhan took birth as there son. All the mountains in their divine form came and praised Shree Govardhan. All of them were aware that Shree Govardhan is the place for the divine sports of Shree Krishna and Shree Radhikaji in Golokdham. Due to this, all of them started calling him as Shree Giriraj , because he the best among all the mountains.

Arrival of Shree Govardhan in Vraj

Once, sage pulatsya, while doing the yatra, reached at Shalmali Dweepa. He asked Drona, that as you are the head among all mountains, I demand your able son Shree Govardhan. In India, there is a place named Kashi, where Vishvanath bhagwan is residing blissfully. There, shree gangaji is also flowing but there is not mountain range. I want to take your son there for Shree Vishvanath.
Shree Drona expressed his willingness to take his son. Shree Govardhan told to Shree Pulatsya, that I am very wide and lengthy. How will you carry me?.
Sage pulatsya, asked govardhan to sit on his right hands wrist. He told that he will carry him to Kashi with the help of his ascetic powers.
But Shree Govardhan put up one small request that if he will place him anywhere in between the journey then he will remain forever at that place only. Pulatsya gave the promise to Shree Govardhan. Pulatsya started the journey with Shree Gavardhan in his wrist of right hand. During the journey, Shree Vrajmandal came. Shree Govardhan remembered the order of Shree Krishna and determined to remain in this place in the mind. He deliberately, increased the weight of himself. Due to this, pulatsya sage experience too much weight and he landed on Vraj to take rest. When pulatsya started again lifting Shree Govardhan, he could not lifted. He made pulatsya to remember the promise that he gave to him. Sage Pulatsya got angry on Shree Govardhan and cursed him that you will become shorter day by day.
From that incident onwards, Shree Govardhan remained in Vraj only.

Shree Mukharvind - Shree Girirajji

Swaroop of Shree Girirajji

There is no difference between Shree Krishna and Shree Girrirajji. He is Shree Krishna and with that he is also the Hari das varya i.e. Best among the bhakta of Hari (lord Shree Krishna).
Shree Govardhan is great bhakta and he is biggest among all bhaktas of Shree Krishna. There are five forms of Shree Girirrajji.

  1. Fair Bhujang Swaroop
  2. Form of Cow
  3. Form of Gwala
  4. Form of Lion
  5. Solid Matter form

Shree Mukharwinda (Divine mouth) of Shree girirajji is Mansi Ganga. His back is Punchari.

There are three ranges of Shree Girrirajji

  1. Adi Shikhar From Radhakund to Daanghati
  2. Madhya Shikhar From Govardhan to Surabhi Kund
  3. Brahma Shikhar From Surbhi Kund to Apsara Kund

During the Krishnavtaar, Shree Krishna carried out the divine plays in Adi Shikhar. Today the divine sports are taking place in Madhya Shikhar. After this, divine sports will take place in Brahma Shikhar.


The Pilgrim places in Shree Girirajji.


Sr. No



Mansi Ganga


Chandra Swarovar


Krishna Kund


Govind kund


Radha Kund


Lalita Kund


Kusum Sarovar


Gop kund


Mukut Chinha


Vaaj ni Shila


Puj ni Shila


Chitra ni sheela


Kanduk Tirtha


Cheer Ghat


Drone Tirth


Kokila Van


Kadamb Khandi


Airawat Khandi


Shrungar Sheela


Charan chinha of Surabhi


Charan chinha of Airawat