What is a Nidhi Swaroop?

The Supreme element is decribed as ‘Par-Brahman' in Vedas. Upnishads term HIM as ‘Parmatman'. Shreemad Bhagwat and other puranas, call HIM Bhagwan. As Brahman is 'Virrudh-Dharmashrayi', Brahman has Aprakru Anand Aakaar i.e. HE is Saakar for Bhaktas and also 'Niraakar'. He often bears a definite form, becomes ‘Sakar; and gives HIS glimpses to HIS ‘Bhaktas' in that form. Some times, though HE assumes HIMSELF like human, HE does not consist of Panch Mahabhoot Tatvas (elements) viz.Prithvi,Jal, Vayu, Tej and Aakash. But HE consistes of Anand (Bliss) only.In these forms HE is known as SWAROOP which are described in Upnishads as 'KRUSHNA', who took birth in VRAJ in Saraswat Kalp, and performed various ‘lilas'.These different swaroops assumed by ‘Krishna' to perform verious ‘lilas' have been accepted by Shri Vallabhacharyaji for performing HIS seva and they are known as NIDHI SWAROOPS in Pushti Sampraday.