:: Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth (Pushtimargiya Open University) ::


Due to the continuous demand of vaishnavas, Shree Vakpati Foundation established “Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth”. This enabled the common people to acquire the knowledge of pushtimarg by reading the materials provided by the university itself. The university provides this course as the distant learning course. This university is the first successful attempt to spread the genuine principles of Shree Vallabh. Also, this medium is the best for the modern youths to get acquainted with this path. Keeping in mind the above objectives, “Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth” was formed.  And vaishnavas have showed an unprecedented response to this task. The details of this university of given below:

Chancellor: P. P. G. 108 Shree Vrajeshkumar Maharajshri – Kankroli
Vice Chancellor: P.P.G. 108 Shree Vagishbawashri mahoday – Kankroli
Secretary: K. K. Shashtri (Ahmedabad) and Shree Bhagwat Prasad Pandya (Vadodara).


We, although are pushtimargiya vaishnavas do not know the principles of pushtimarg. We are ignorant about the do’s and don’t’s of pushtimarg.
To acquire this knowledge, we need to do “Satsang” daily. But in this modern age, the “Satsang” is generally not practiced in the houses of pushtimargiya vaishnavas.
In this situation, there is always a danger to get distracted and diverted from the main path of pushtimarg.
In lieu of this situation, we impart the genuine knowledge of principles of pushtimarg, the pushtimargiya course syllabus was designed and started in 1996 A.D.

Course Contents:

The student is required to read/understand the course materials for every year at his/her residence.

  1. For that, every month, a small booklet covering a particular topic as part of full course work would be sent to the student. These booklets are written by Prof. Ramesh Parikh. Thus, total 12 booklets would be sent within a year.
  2. At the end of the booklet, there will be 25 questions (of total 25 marks) related to the topics covered in the same booklet. The questions will be objective kind of questions. The answers to the questions have to be given in the question paper itself and detach it from the booklet and have to be returned back to “Vallabh Vidyapeeth” for the evaluation.
  3. Every 12 months, a question paper of 100 marks will also be sent to the student and that has also to be returned back similarly.
  4. The course work booklets are very simple and each vaishnav is required to read the booklet on his/her own and supposed to answer the questions without taking help of others.
  5. Daily only around 2 hours of time is required for a student to easily complete the course work,
  6. According to the total marks obtained, each student will be graded according to three classes i.e. First, second and third class.
  7. A medal will be awarded to the student who will get the maximum marks.
  8. First three students will be awarded the scholarship.
  9. Each student will also be awarded the degree certificate for that particular year.
  10. For the recursive reading, these course materials will remain at your home.
  11. Within 10 years only, one will get the genuine knowledge of pushtimarg.
  12. Presently, the course work is available in Gujarati and Hindi language (English language is under the progress)

Eligibility: The one who had appeared for tenth standard exam or any curious vaishnav, at any age, can enroll for this course work.

Process of Registration:

  1. The course work begins in the month of May every year.
  2. The academic year would be considered from May to April.
  3. All family members can join for this course work (by registering individually)
  4. To join for this course work, each vaishnav is required to get the registration form from the Vallabh Vidyapeeth. The dually filled registration form and the fee are required to be sent to the Vidyapeeth by the end of 30th April. The forms received after 30th April would not be processed.
  5. The mode of payment of fees is through Demand Draft on the name of “Shree Vakpati Foundation”. The cheques are not acceptable.

Application Form:

Please fill the below Application Form 1 and 2 and send the hard copy by post/courier to us at following address. Please read the instructions while filling the form and send us the required documents and both filled forms mentioned in this application form.

Application Form 1: Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth

Application Form 2: Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth

 Head office/Address to send us the Application forms for subscription:

Shri Bethak Mandir,
Kevda baug, (Dwarkesh Baug)
Madan Zampa Road,
Email: vakpatifoundation@vallabhkankroli.org


Detailed Syllabus

Shuddha-advaita Veneet
Basic Level - Year 1

Shuddha-advaita Kovid
Intermediate Level - 1st Year
Year 2

Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharyaji

Guru's Swaroop

Shree Gopinathji & Shree Gusaiji

Vraj Mandal

Shree Gusaiji and his family

Shree Bethakji - Charan Chowki


Bhakti Marg & Bhakti

Shree Girirajji

Seva and Asamarpita Tyag

Shree Yamunaji

Ananyata and Anyashray

Nidhi Swaroops

Satsang and Dussang

Shuddha-advaita Brahmvaad

Shree Sarvottam Stotram


Shodash Granth Parichay

Pushtimargiya Mantra diksha

Shodash Granth (Granth 1)


Shodash Granth (Granth 2)

Stotra Paath Abhyas

Shodash Granth (Granth 3)


Shuddha-advaita Praveen
Intermediate Level - 2nd Year
Year 3

Shuddha-advaita Nipuna
Intermediate Level - 3rd Year
Year 4

Pushti Pravaah Maryada

Shikshapatra 1 -10

Navratna & Antahkarana Prabodh

Shikshapatra 11 30

Vivek dhairashray

Shikshapatra 31 -41


Shree Harirai Vangmuktavali

Siddhant Rahasya

Shree Harirai Vangmuktavali

Chatuh Shloki & Seva Fal

Shree Harirai Vangmuktavali

Bhakti Vardhini

Shree Harirai Vangmuktavali

Jalbhed and Panchpadyani

Shree Harirai Vangmuktavali

Sanyas Nirnaya

Kirtan Sahitya Parichay

Nirodh Lakshana

Vaarta Sahitya Parichay


Ashta Sakha part -1

Panch Shloki

Ashta Sakha part -2


Shuddha-advaita Ratna
Higher Level - 1st Year
Year 5

Shuddha-advaita Bhaskar
Higher Level - 2nd Year
Year 6

Vaishnavta Nu Swaroop and Kartavya -1

Purusharth and Purushottam Ni Ekrupta

Vaishnavta Nu Swaroop and Kartavya -2

Mrutyu Ane Moksha Part -1

Vaishnavta Nu Swaroop and Kartavya -3

Mrutyu Ane Moksha Part - 1

Vaishnavta Nu Swaroop and Kartavya -4

Atma Ni Aulakh

Shrestha Vaishnavi Jeevan Part -1

Atma Ni Aulakh

Shrestha Vaishnavi Jeevan Part -2

Shree Vallabhakhyan Introduction

Shrestha Vaishnavi Jeevan Part -3

Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta (Part 1)

Seva Samaj Part - 1

Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta (Part 2)

Seva Samaj Part - 2

Shreemad Bhagwat Introduction Part 1

Sevama Rasatmatkbhav

Shreemad Bhagwat Introduction Part 2

Vishistha Manorath

Shreemad Bhagwat Introduction Part 3

Vraj yatra

Gayatri Bhasya


Shuddha-advaita Shiromani
Higher Level - 3rd Year
Year 7

Shuddha-advaita Seva Bhushan
Ph.D Level - 1st Year
Year 8

Bhakti Poshan (Part 1)

Pushti Seva Vigyan

Bhakti Poshan (Part 2)

Tum Bina Tatva Kachu Nahi Jag Me

Bharatiya Tatvagyan (An Introduction)

84 Bhagwadiya Tatva Vichaar

Ras Drushti Ni Tarfen Ma

Tulsi Kyaro Part 1 (Rameshbhai Parikh)

Raas Panchadhyayi - 1

Tulsi Kyaro Part 2 (Rameshbhai Parikh)

Raas Panchadhyayi - 2

Tulsi Kyaro Part 3 (Rameshbhai Parikh)

Pushti Path Nirdarshan (Part -1)

Pushti Path Nirdarshan (Part -2)

Pushti Paathey (Part - 1)

Pushti Paathey (Part -2)

Seva Sukh and Aachaar Vichaar Shuddhi

Pushtimarg and Our Duty


Shuddha-advaita Ras Bhushan
Ph. D Level - 2nd Year
Year 9

Shuddha-advaita Vachaspati
Ph. D Level - 3rd Year
Year 10

Pragate Pushti Maharas Den (Shree Vallabh pad Padma milind)

RasikanaKo Ras Ek Hi Baatan Me

Asharo Ek Shree Vallabhadhish Ko (“)

252 Bhagwadiya Tatva Vichaar

Shree Vallabh Prabhu Nu Dhyaan (“)

Tulsi Kyaro Part 4

Hari ras Tab Hi to Jaay Paiye (“)

Tulsi Kyaro Part 4

Pushtimarg nu Anirvachaniya Mahaan Tatva (“)

Tulsi Kyaro Part 4

Shree Maharpabhuji nu Pragatya (“)

Tulsi Kyaro Part 4

Shree Mahaprabhuji Chintan Granth (“)

Tulsi Kyaro Part 4

Shree Sarvottam Stotra (Pt. Mangal Uddhav Shastri)

Bethak Charitra (Ramesh bhai Parikh)

Shree Vitthaleshwar Chintan Prakaar (“)

Pushti Path Rahasya

Shree Gusaiji Krut Vigyapti (“)

Prasthan Chatustayi (Go. Chandragopalji Mahoday)

Naamratnakhya (Prof. Ramesh bhai Parikh)

Karma Nu Rahasya (Go. Chandragopalji)

Bruhat Shikshapatra

Bhaktiyog (Go. Vrajesh kumar Maharajshri)

Shuddha-advaita Brahmvaad (Jethalal Shah)

Vallabh Vedant (Nagardas Bambhaniya)