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SHRI VAKPATI FOUNDAITON is a TRUST established by Shri Vallabhachraya Trutiya Gruhadhish Goswami 108 Shri Vrajesh Kumarji Maharaj (Kankroli), duly registered under Public Trust Act with the Charity Commissioner under No.e/4913/Vadodara, with a view to undertake multifarius activities for the social, religious, spiritual and overall upliftment of mankind, leading to highest sublimation of their life, by propagating Indian Vedic Philisophy especially propounded by Jagad Guru Shri Vallabhacharyaji.

Goswami 108 Shri Vagishkumarji, the elder son of the founder of the Trust Goswami 108 Shri Vrajesh kumarji Maharaj is the Chairman and Managing Trustee of the Trust and all its various objects and activtes are planned, organised and manged by him. He is a very bversatile personality having outstanding achievements in the field of literature, specially hindi and sankrit, religion, art , music and bestowed with varous titles, awards and widely travelled across lwngth and breadth of the world at a very young age of 34 years. Under his able stewardship,m the trust has already established landmark in various fields.

Vakpati foundation was established in 1995-96 A.D. With the grace of Shree Dwarkadhish prabhu and blessings of shuddhadvaita trutiya peethadhiswar shree Vrajesh kumar Maharaj Shri, the vakpati foundation was formed. The elder son of Shree Vrajesh kumar mahrajshri, Shree Vagishbawashri is the president and managing trustee of Vakpati foundation. The basic objectives of this foundation are as follows:

  • To spread the awareness amongst the people about the rich heritage of India, its eternal religion, Shuddhadvaita doctrine and premlakshana bhakti.
  • To perform the activities to uplift people socially, literary, spiritually and economically.
  • To encourage the research activities in the field of Religion, spirituality, and arts.
  • To spread the awareness amongst the people through the medium of books, magazines, audio/video cassettes or CDs etc.
  • To renovate the ancient monuments and sculptures of pushtimarg.


Activites of Vakpati Foundation:
  • Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth (Open University)
  • The compilation and publication of Pushtimargiya Gyan Kosh (Encyclopedia)
  • Shree Vallabhiya Vaishnav Elite forum (Pushti Praygan Parivar)
  • Publication of Pushtipath, a hindi three monthly magazine.
  • Shree Vallabh Yuva Sangathan
  • Pushtak prakashan (publication of books)
  • Shree Vallabh Vichar Prasar-prachar Abhiyaan
  • To organize the spiritual camps.
  • To organize the activities related to public health.
  • To develop the complete directory of all vallabhiya vaishnavas residing at various places.
  • Jan Kalyan Sahay Yojana for performing the activities to provide help to the common people.
  • Sanskar Bodh Pariksha is the series of exams meant to spread the awareness about the eternal hindu religion to common people without the distinction of caste, creed and nationality


  • Establishment of Informal Open University of Suddhadwait Pustimarg.
  • Conducting correspondence course for the sytemmatic study of Philisophy of Shri Vallbhacharyaji and Pustimarg.
  • Orgenising study camps for practical coaching of various aspects of Pustimarg.
  • Compiling, editing and publishing Encyclppedia of Pustimarg.
  • Establishing Shri Vallabhaiya Vaishnav Elite forum for intellectuals of varoious professions.
  • Organisning shri Vallabh Young parivar for inculcating Pustimargiya Sanskar in youngerr generaton.
  • Conducting Socio-economic-religious survey of Pustimargiya Vaishnav Samaj.
  • Preparing Audio-video Cassettes and publishing books and literatures for propagating philosophy of Shri Vallabhacharyaji and Pustimarg.
  • Celebrating various Utsavs (festuvities ) and organising conferences.

Staff members working for Shree VakpatiFoundation:

  • About 10 Seva bhavi Vaishnavas are involved in strengthening and supporting the graceful administration of Shree Vakpati Foundation. The details of these seva-bhavi vaishnavas could be found at this section.


Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth (Pushtimargiya Open University):




Due to the continuous demand of vaishnavas, Shree Vakpati Foundation established Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth. This enabled the common people to acquire the knowledge of pushtimarg by reading the materials provided by the university itself. The university provides this course as the distant learning course. This university is the first successful attempt to spread the genuine principles of Shree Vallabh. Also, this medium is the best for the modern youths to get acquainted with this path. Keeping in mind the above objectives, Shree Vallabh Vidyapeeth was formed.  And vaishnavas have showed an unprecedented response to this task. The details of this university of given below:

Chancellor: P. P. G. 108 Shree Vrajeshkumar Maharajshri Kankroli
Vice Chancellor: P.P.G. 108 Shree Vagishbawashri mahoday Kankroli
Secretary: K. K. Shashtri (Ahmedabad) and Shree Bhagwat Prasad Pandya (Vadodara).


We, although are pushtimargiya vaishnavas do not know the principles of pushtimarg. We are ignorant about the do's and don't's of pushtimarg.
To acquire this knowledge, we need to do Satsang daily. But in this modern age, the Satsang is generally not practiced in the houses of pushtimargiya vaishnavas.
In this situation, there is always a danger to get distracted and diverted from the main path of pushtimarg.
In lieu of this situation, we impart the genuine knowledge of principles of pushtimarg, the pushtimargiya course syllabus was designed and started in 1996 A.D.


Course Contents:

Detailed Course Content

  1. The student is required to read/understand the course materials for every year at his/her residence.
  2. For that, every month, a small booklet covering a particular topic as part of full course work would be sent to the student. These booklets are written by Prof. Ramesh Parikh. Thus, total 12 booklets would be sent within a year.
  3. At the end of the booklet, there will be 25 questions (of total 25 marks) related to the topics covered in the same booklet. The questions will be objective kind of questions. The answers to the questions have to be given in the question paper itself and detach it from the booklet and have to be returned back to Vallabh Vidyapeeth for the evaluation.
  4. Every 12 months, a question paper of 100 marks will also be sent to the student and that has also to be returned back similarly.
  5. The course work booklets are very simple and each vaishnav is required to read the booklet on his/her own and supposed to answer the questions without taking help of others.
  6. Daily only around 2 hours of time is required for a student to easily complete the course work,
  7. According to the total marks obtained, each student will be graded according to three classes i.e. First, second and third class.
  8. A medal will be awarded to the student who will get the maximum marks.
  9. First three students will be awarded the scholarship.
  10. Each student will also be awarded the degree certificate for that particular year.
  11. For the recursive reading, these course materials will remain at your home.
  12. Within 10 years only, one will get the genuine knowledge of pushtimarg.
  13. Presently, the course work is available in Gujarati and Hindi language (English language is under the progress)

Eligibility: The one who had appeared for tenth standard exam or any curious vaishnav, at any age, can enroll for this course work.

Process of Registration
  • The course work begins in the month of May every year.
  • The academic year would be considered from May to April.
  • The entrance fee of first year is Rs. 200. For the other years, the fee is Rs. 250.
  • All family members can join for this course work (by registering individually)
  • To join for this course work, each vaishnav is required to get the registration form from the Vallabh Vidyapeeth. The dually filled registration form and the fee are required to be sent to the Vidyapeeth by the end of 30th April. The forms received after 30th April would not be processed.
  • The mode of payment of fees is through Demand Draft on the name of Shree Vakpati Foundation. The cheques are not acceptable.
Head office:

Shri Bethak Mandir,
Kevda baug, (Dwarkesh Baug)
Madan Zampa Road,
Email: vakpatifoundation@vallabhkankroli.org

Encyclopedia of Pushtimarg (A major research project)
Shudda-advaita Brahmvaad enjoys a unique position in the Pushtimarg. The students of this philosophy are required to grasp it fully. Up till now, fewer initiatives have been taken to make it understand, but the encyclopedia approach had not been taken by any other initiative. Due to this, several researchers are appointed under Dr. Vagishbawashri who is the primary editor of this encyclopedia. This encyclopedia would be published in Hindi in eight volumes. Each volume will have around 400 pages.
This would be probably the first publication in the history of pushtimarg
The famous publishing company of Delhi would be publishing this work.
Charanamrut Raspan (Bimonthy Magazine)
Please visit the this link for more Information
Shree Vallabh Vaishnav Elite Forum (Pushti Pragya Parivar)
In vaishnav society, there are highly respectable doctors, professors, lawyers, Engineers, Tax Consultants, Managers, Industrialists, government officers are present.
Jan Kalyan Sahay Yojana (People's Welfare Scheme)

Organised by Shri Vakpati Foundation

One of the objects of Shri Vakpati Foundation is to undertake multifarious activities with a view to help the weaker section of the society to mitigate their sufferings to the extent possible by the Trust. Needy people face difficulties in procuring adequate medical attention and enough food stuff as well as to provide education to their children.
Our Upanishads have stressed the importance of all three aspects. It said :

  1. Sharir Madhyam Khalu Dharm Sadhanam. And Aarogyam Sapvattm cha Shuddhannen Jayanti Dhi. Specifying medical help to needy :
  2. Annam Braimeti Vyajanat. Specifying help for food.
  3. Saa Vidya Ya Vimyuktaye. And Vidya Shakti Samstanam.

Specifying need for education :

In view of these scriptures in our Dharmashastras, the Trust has sponsord People's Welfare Scheme in all three categories.

  • TABIBI SAHAY YOJNA (Medical Help ) :

    The trust has decided to raise about Rs. Eleven Lac for this project and will contribute to the needy poor people irrespective of caste, creed and religion for different aspects on the basis of medical report.
  • subsidising cost of medicine.
  • Reimbursing expenses for laboratory tests & X-rays.
  • Help in the need for hospitalisation.
  • Help for Operations.
  • Help in terminal cases.
  • ANNA SAHAY YOJNA (Providing food grains) :

    The trust would earmark a sum of Rs. Eleven Lac out of the contributions it will receive and provide food grains to such needy families on the basis of the recommendations of prominent personalities, as Narsi Mehat has rightly said " Vaishnav Jan to Tene Kahiya Je Pir Parai jane Re ", meaning. He who understands the sufferings of the others is VAISHNAV in true sense.
  • VIDYA SAHAY YOJNA (Educational Help) :

For this scheme also the Trust would allocate Rs. Eleven Lac out of the contributions it will receive and render necessary help to the needy poor children to persue their studies, as the Education can only dispale the myths & wrong notions prevailing in the society and can improve the quality of life of an individual. This scheme will be implemented in the following manner :

    • Payment of yearly fees for the children studying in primary schools.
    • Subsidise cost of books, note-books and uniforms.
    • Assist in providing tutorial studies.
    • To fill the gaps in the helps being rendered by other organisations.
    • To facilitate studies for higher education in the field of medical, engineering and other vocational courses.

Shri Vakpati Foundation is a registered Charitable trust having I.T.exemption U/S 80 (G) under No. BRD/SYS/104-4-V/96-97. Philanthropic individuals and institutions are invited to share their resources with Shri Vakpati Foundation in their endeavor to help needy poor crust of the society.

Sanskaar Bodh Priksha




Reference: Kankroli Ka Itihaas by Kanthmani Shastri, Shree Vidhya Vibhag, Kankroli