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Today, when several athiest organizations are trying to demoralize and deviate entire world, It becomes necessary to protect our developing generation who would give this world a new and properous future. It becomes our utmost important duty to inculcate and maintain religous values in our younger generation. With the vast expansion of organizations that are constantly trying to demoralize our children, as a sanatan hindu, we should become vigilant and start inculcating our kids deligently with our religious values.

In our society all elders,parents are very much conscious about this, but they don't know what to do. In order to avoid such complexity in our society, we have to inculcate our religious values from child-hood only, so that when they grow, they should be in position to discriminate certain things and also they can stand for our religious values, as there is lot of criticism for our hindu religion. Our motive is very clear that they should in position to justify for each and every religious values, so that no one can critise our religious values. This is not just for the welfare of an individual but also to make healthy society and nation. Everybody wants to impart a sound religious knowledge, but they don't know. By giving advice to youth, we can't change their path and mind. For this concrete plan is required.

In this direction efforts are being made. Some places pustimargiya pathshala  are running. But again this is at small scale compare to other religious strategy. It is mandatory to inculcate religious values in our children at right stage only.

In context of this, SHREE VALLABH VIDYAPITH is established by SHREE VAKPATION FOUNDATION (VADODARA) by trutiya gruh of kankroli. Since several years, we are running correspondence course for pustimarg. But we would like to reach out to maximum small children. For this we need to start pathshala at every corner of the street in villages and cities. But, we are unable to start in this way at large scale, because of scarcity of quality of teachers and volunteers. Only alternative is that all the parents should impart sound knowledge of pustimargiya in their children at every walk of life.It is certainly not difficult task, way we ask our children to do school homework. We make them to do this work by hook or crook. With the same motive why can't we put our best efforts to inculcate religious values, which will help him/her at every stage of life. We need to think very seriously.

By knowing this scenario SHREE VAKPATI FOUNDATION has systematically planned to impart sound knowledge of PUSTIMARGIYA for k.g. to 10th std. students. Compilation and Publication of PUSTI BAL POTHI PART 1 TO 4 in Gujarati, Hindi and English is done for basic knowledge of students and their elders can understand well. If any one is interested to run vaishnav pustimargiya pathshala and take sole responsibility for the same are requested to contact us.In order to start and to run pathshala SHREE VAKPATI FOUNDATION will give all necessary suggestions.

For coming future, to impart religious values is really a vital job. If we get away from our responsibility, then we will be responsible for any complexion in our society in future. So from each and every family, all parents have to take up this moral responsibility.

Vaishnav volunteers, community or organization has to come forward to take up this valuable work and for detailed information and books they can do correspondence to Shree Vakpati Foundation, Vadodara.

Note: This pathshala has began with three languages.(gujarati,hindi and english).

We have started a new Series for Kids to Learn Pushtimarg. We have developed several programmes for educating Kids about Pushtimarg in the form of Power Point Presentation/ Downloadable PDF / HTML as well in English Language. Please see the following Table to download each programme available:

Pushtimargiya e-Camp for Children (New)

Sr. No. Title View the Presentation Online Download PDF
1 Pushtimargiya Paathshala Class -1 Click Here
2 Pushtimargiya Paathshala Class -2 Click Here
3 Pushtimargiya Paathshala Class -3 coming soon
4 Pushtimargiya Paathshala Class -4 coming soon


Pushtimargiya Paathshala Reference e-Books and materials(for Download)

Sr. No. Title Download (Gujarati)
1 Pushti Bal Pothi - 1
2 Pushti Bal Pothi - 2
3 Pushti Bal Pothi - 3
4 Pushti Bal Pothi - 4

The above books are used to conduct the Pushtimargiya Paathshala.