:: jan kalyan yojana sahay ::

Jan Kalyan Sahay Yojana (People's Welfare Scheme)

Organised by Shri Vakpati Foundation

One of the objects of Shri Vakpati Foundation is to undertake multifarious activities with a view to help the weaker section of the society to mitigate their sufferings to the extent possible by the Trust. Needy people face difficulties in procuring adequate medical attention and enough food stuff as well as to provide education to their children.
Our Upanishads have stressed the importance of all three aspects. It said :

1. Sharir Madhyam Khalu Dharm Sadhanam.

And Aarogyam Sapvattm cha Shuddhannen Jayanti Dhi.

Specifying medical help to needy.

2. Annam Braimeti Vyajanat.

Specifying help for food.

3. Saa Vidya Ya Vimyuktaye.

And Vidya Shakti Samstanam.

Specifying need for education.

In view of these scriptures in our Dharmashastras, the Trust has sponsord People’s Welfare Scheme in all three categories.