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How will you serve Vaishnavas in Baithakjies ?

When we are in a Baithakjies we have the advantage of offering seva to Sri Hari, our Guru and righteous Vaishnavas. Along with the seva of Sri Mahaprabhuji. We can have the opportunity of doing seva of Sri Thakurji. During this period other Vaishnavas also may join you there to offer Jharni and charna seva. In large crowds there is possibility of Vaishnavas joining them.

After attending to the seva of Sri Thakurji and Sri Mahaprabhuji you will find lot of time which you can utilize in different kinds of seva of Vaishnavas these are : - 1. When vaishnavas sit to take their meals (called prasad) you can first use a mop on the ground, put leaves and "padiyas" (bowls made from dry leaves), fill their with tumblers with water. 2. After the meals you can remove the "patals" and Padiyas", clean the place with wet cloth, offer water to drink and offer "Bidi" (beetle leaves). 3. When the vaishnavas, bath you can take their wet clothes, squeeze the water and dry them.

When the Vaishnavas are engaged in seva you can stay with them lending a hand to help them so that they can conduct the seva with all pleasantness. In this way you should insist upon assisting the Vaishnavas because if the Vaishnavas are pleased Sri Mahaprabhuji will be pleased. When Sri Mahaprabhuji is pleased Sri Thakurji will be pleased and show his grace.

Hence in the process of obtaining compassion Vaishnavas form the foundation stone. We find so many incident mentioned in 84 and 252 vaishnavon ki varta. You do the seva of vaishnavas and it will help in receiving the kindness of Sri Maharpabhuji. In turn you will receive the compassion of Sri Thakurji.

We have read how the youngest danghlers of Padmanabhdasaji and her husband have gained the compassion of Sri Mahaprabhuji by doing the seva of Vaishnavas. We have also read that the son of a seth of south India had a rare opportunity to take a journey to Vraj by attending to the seva of Vaishnavas. In the third instance, a raja Askarnji, due to his association with oarama Vaishnava like Tansen has turned into a staunch Vaishnava.

We also have to keep it in mind that Sri Mahaprabhuji will be displeased with any Vaishnava - if the latter had committed any offence. It is true that for Sri Mahaprabhuji all Vaishnavas are very dear to him. He cannot tolerate anyone using unkind words to Vaishnavas. The episode of Ramananda Pandit is well known amongst Vaishnavas. Since he had used harsh words for Vaishnavas Sri Mahaprabhuji had discarded him. Hence we should be always be careful that we do not offend any Vaishnavas feelings either in the house of Sri Mahaprabhuji or in any one of his Baithakjies. if we cannot offer seva to Vaishnavas it can be excused, but any offence cannot be tolerated. Hence you are asked to behave well with all vaishnavas with humility and love, give full respect, see that you do not act in any offencive manner.

Sometimes it so happens that we neglect this important aspect while offering seva in Baithakjies. By our speech and behaviour vaishnavas offer mental suffering to others and unknowing commit offence as a result you displease Sri Mahaprabhuji and be deprived of his grace.

Think about all the aspects mentioned in these few lines. Unless we can bring a king of unity in what we say, think or act it is useless to go to Baithakjies and offer seva there. We have gone to all these Baithakjies and observed that Vaishnavas attend there in crowd and end in lot of dissatisfaction. On the days of festivals a good numbers of Vaishnavas gather. They commit number of mistakes. Hence it is repeated that we have to be careful in our behaviours.

Let us consider one more factor at this stage. it is observed that many Vaishnavas express the view that Sri Mahaprabhuji enjoys the seva when it is offered through the hands of Vaishnavas. But this is a wrong notion. Sri GokulNathji in his commentary on Sri Sarvottam has mentioned clearly why he is called "Sukha Savyah" . In this connection he said that the personal disciples of Sri Mahaprabhuji are very dear to him. He will be pleased with them irrespective of the fact whether they are big or small. The more a devotee is clean in mind or shows humility the more pleased is Sri Mahaprabhuji.

Each sevak approaches him depending on his attitudes. Since he receives all of them with pleasure he is known as "Sukha Sevya" i.e., you can offer seva freely without any hesitations. With this understanding if we fill "Jharniji" expressing our feelings we will not be giving any "Parisrama" or tiredness to Sri Mahaprabhuji.

We said that we fill Jharniji with the understanding of Sri Jamunaji. This offering of Jharniji creates an unequivocal situation where Sri Swaminijies and Sri Thakurji meet because even the other 8 leaders of the three groups i.e., Sri Swaminijies also are represented in the waters of the Jharniji. It is a meeting where "rasa" is expressed eloquently.

Sri Mahaprabhuji is the very form of Sri Swaminiji. If his own form is brought into his heart there can be no "Parisrama" to him. Hence even a large group of Vaishnavas gather and fill the "Jharni" think only about the pleasure to Sri Mahaprabhuji not "Parisrama". Your seva should be guided by the sentiments implied therein and seva offered to Sri Hari, Guru and Vaishnava for their happiness and receive their Compassion.