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How will you do other Seva of Sri Mahaprabhuji ?

When you come out of Nija Mandir after offering "Bhog", you should ask the Mukhiji whether there is any other seva which you should offer. On his advice you can do it with humility and love. No seva is big. No seva is small. All kinds of seva are same to us. Each seva is capable of yielding results. So whatever little seva you are asked to do should be performed thinking that you are blessed. Remember Sri Mahaprabhuji will receive it with pleasure.

The chief doctrine in our tradition is : "If you desire to please Sri Thakurji you have to first please Sri Swaminiji and receive her grace. We know that Sri Mahaprabhuji is not different from Sri Swaminiji. Hence we try to please Sri Mahaprabhuji initially. When we receive his kindness Sri Thakurji can be pleased easily and HE will shower HIS compassion on us.

You will be able to offer seva to Sri Thakurji if Sri Mahaprabhuji is kind on you. He will keep away all obstacles that will come in our way to seva. He will bless us so that our love and sentiment towards seva will increase. We will gain humility in our way of seva. He will bless us so that our way will gain love and sentiment towards seva will increase. We will gain humility in our speech and conduct This will help is to offer seva to Sri Thajurki who resides in our homes, with our own hands, with our manly seva of filling water utilized in seva; sweeping the premises of the place where Sri Thakurji is kept; washing the vessels used in the seva, preparing bettle leaves and "Paan" for Sri Thakurji; Seva in various kinds of flower garlands etc. are prepared; all allied sevas should be rendered with love.

We are asked to maintain silence while rendering any seva. We have considered this aspect a little time before. we should recite Sri Sarvottam stotra throughout the period you are engaged in seva in mind. You should also repeat "asta akshara" and "panch akshara" mantras in silence.

It is essential to understand about the aspects of seva and smarana (remembering Sri Thakurji or Sri Mahaprabhuji). If you make it a habit to think of HIM constantly it will result in an offer to seva. It is observed that while you are rendering seva with dedication the process of smarana cannot be observed. So when you are unable to offer seva you should engage in smarana. When you are fortunate enough to offer seva, you do not leave it to do smarana.

This aspect is expressed by a materialistic illustration :- A married women told her husband : "You are very dear to me. I used to receive happiness to think of you even before marriage. I used to receive happiness in thinking of you. Now I am married to you. But instead of attending to your comfort physically I have decided, I will bath and dress myself in beautiful attire and garland your picture. I will sit before the picture and do your "smarana". And whatever you needs you can fulfill them yourself."

A husband will not bear with this attitude of his wife. Nor will he allow her to do that she desires to do.

As long as we have not been course-crated into "brahma sambandha". We have a right only to do "smarana". But after "Brahma Sambandha" the whole situation completely changes. It is something like a spiritual aliance with the divine person. By the grace of Sri Mahaprabhuji. We now receive a right to offer seva to Sri Thakurji. Hence we and ordained to offer seva when it is needed and do the work of "smarana" only during the "anosar" (recess) period. This we should not forget even when we go to Baithakjies and offer seva.