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How will one offer "Bhog" to Sri Mahaprabhuji ?

First Mukhiyaji should decorate Sri Mahaprabhuji. Put garland of flowers. Thereafter the "Bhog" should be brought before him. If you have gone there early you can also place Mangala Bhog and if you have gone a little late you can offer "Raj Bhog".

The Samagri you have prepared should be brought to the Nija Mandir (Sanctum) covering it properly so that others cannot cast an evil look on it. Before taking the prepared food you should wash your hand clean (khasa). You should not touch the "Bhog" (a dish ready to be offered) with any kind of unclean hands.

Ask Mukhiji where you have to place the "Bhog" before Sri Mahaprabhuji. When you place the "Bhog" at the right place, you with all humility :- "Oh! Kind one! (Krupanath). I am a poor man. What can I offer to make you pleased. I am incapable to do anything. But by the grace of "Bhagavadiyas" (godly persons) I have come to take your shelter. On behalf of Damodardasa Harsani and the 84 and 252 devotee Vaishnavas accept the "Bhog" along with all the members of the family of Lila". So saying prostrate before him, draw the curtain and come out of the Nija Mandir.

Before we offer "Kani" (a virtual procedure of mentioning the names of Sri Mahaprabhuji and Sri Gosainji) we can fill the "Jharni"./ Even filling of the jharni needs the help of Mukhiyaji for you have to understand the sentiments of filling the jharni to enjoy the work. The Jharni usually will be made of silver or copper. A Jharni represents the form of Sri Radhikaji. If it is of silver and of white colour it will be used with the sentiments of Sri Chandravaliji. The red coloured cloth with which you wrap the Jharni stands for the Sari. Red colour devotees the sentiment of love and affection of Sri Radhikaji. The water we pour into the Jharni is taken for the waters of Sri Yamunaji and venerated as the very form of Sri Yamunaji. As you wash your hands and begin to fill the Jharni you should recite the Yamunastak stotra and imagine as if you are standing on the Govindghat and looking at the Yamunaji and as if you are drawing the waters from Yamunaji. When one of the Vaishnavas is filling the Jharni the others should touch the right shoulder of that Vaishnava. This will give the pleasure of doing the seva to all the others who stand aloof and wait. Hence do not press to fill the Jharni.

Eventhough we go to Baithakji to offer seva we usually say we are going to fill "Jharniji". The reason given for this is :- There is utmost humility and love in this seva. Is man capable to offer anything to all competent divine being ? Sri Thakurji gets pleased with the humbleness and love in a jiva. HE will accept even the "Vimanas" of celestials (flying objects), which were sturck down on earth, could be sent back by flicking water from Jharnijines. Many Vaishnavas even refuse to offer the fruits of a single step they take towards going to water tank where they fill vessels and bring water for the seva of Sri Thakurji. Seth Damodardasa Sambhalwala - thought he was the dewan (administrative officer) of the ruler - did not allow his maid servant to bring water from the tank. He used to carry the vessel on his shoulders and pass through the market on either way. He felt that it was his great fortune to do this with his own hands.

It is because Sri Mahaprabhuji has shown so much kindness on us we are able to fill Jharniji and offer it to him. Let us do this seva with humility and love.

We said before that Jharniji stands for the four swaminijies who were the head of four Yuthas. The messengers of Sri Swaminiji run around to please the priding Swaminijies and lead them to Sri Thakurji. So the Vraj Bhaktas stand for the messenger females. Let us fill the Jharni with the understanding of being Vraj Bhaktas. Thus offer Jharniji and Bhog and make your "Kani" and prostrate, pull the curtain and come out.